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This woman is actually drawing her own wallpaper and it’s beautiful

This is next level DIY

This woman is actually drawing her own wallpaper and it’s beautiful

When it comes to decorating, some of us are magnolia paint and beige carpet kind of people. But, others like to be a little more creative. 

Like Rebecca Gardom, an artist and jewellery maker from Liverpool, who recently undertook to make her own DIY wallpaper. 

Rebecca drew the entire design totally freehand using felt tip pens and her husband helped her with the colouring in. Not only does it make her wallpaper totally unique, it's absolutely stunning - and, even better, totally affordable.

Rebecca told Mashable she wanted to make her own wallpaper because she loves 'abstract style' and because 'beautiful wallpaper is really expensive'. 

After posting pictures of the final hand-made design on Reddit earlier this week, she explained that she just bought some rolls of plain white wallpaper and then created the design using fine liners for the outline and ordinary felt tip pens for the colouring in.

As well as getting hubby to help with all the colouring in, she also roped in friends and family whenever they visited. 

She's now completed one whole roll and now just needs the house to hang it in - she and her husband are currently looking to buy their first home. 

As for where the show-stopping wallpaper is going to go, she says: 'I think it's going to be for our bedroom behind the bed,' although others have suggested a 'trippy' bathroom might be fun. 

Either way, that's what you call a feature wall. 

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