How to give your bathroom a super-quick makeover - in a weekend!

Transform your tired bathroom into a chic, relaxed space with these simple tips

By Asda Good Living, 06 September 2016
How to give your bathroom a super-quick makeover - in a weekend!

Short on cash? Even shorter on time? Well you can update your bathroom in a weekend - without splashing the cash. Our affordable makeover tips show you how little additions, such as potted plants and decorative mirrors can easily turn your bathroom into a tranquil space. 

Give it the green-fingered touch 

Create a spa vibe in your bathroom by adding touches of greenery. Plants will not only purify the air, but will also give your space a serene atmosphere. Opt for succulents, or cacti as they thrive in humid conditions (and happen to be very on-trend right now in interiors). Or for something with a little more wow factor, choose a large orchid. 

Make a stylish display 

Forget bathroom minimalism, if you're choosing luxe-looking products with pretty packaging, put them on show. Candles, perfume bottles and bars of soap can all give your bathroom a stylish vintage feel. 

Revamp your fixtures and fittings

For a budget-friendly alternative to investing in a new bath or sink, swap out your taps instead. Opt for vintage Victorian taps or channel hotel luxury with a chic waterfall tap. 

Use ceramics to pull a scheme together

Add instant luxury to your sink by decanting liquid soap into ceramic lotion bottles - and get a matching tumbler for your toothbrush too!

Choose a theme

Giving your bathroom a theme doesn't have to be expensive but does pull a room together beautifully. Update a basic blue and white colour scheme with nautical accents such as a sailor shower curtain, sailboat ornaments or stripy storage boxes.  

Weave in a basket or two

If your bathroom cabinets are full to the rafters then choose an eye-catching basket or two to control the overflow. Keep it tidy with a mid-sized wire basket to store fresh towels in or spare loo rolls. Small woven baskets can be placed on shelves to house your make-up and rubber baskets are fab for keeping shampoos and soaps in. 

Go rustic

Wooden features are effortlessly chic. Use wooden crates for storage, or try a wooden chair or stool for hanging your towels. 


By Harriette Casey