How to give your bathroom a super-quick makeover

Transform your tired bathroom into a chic, relaxed space with these simple tips

How to give your bathroom a super-quick makeover

Short on cash? Even shorter on time? Don't panic as there's a range of ways in which you can update your bathroom in a flash. And that's without splashing your hard-earned cash or spending hours slaving away at your washroom. 

Our affordable makeover tips show you how little additions, such as potted plants and decorative mirrors, can easily turn your bathroom into a tranquil space. 

Give it the green-fingered touch 

Plants will not only purify the air, but will also give your space a serene atmosphere. Trisha Schofield, of the Good Housekeeping Institute, is our go-to for cleaning tips and hacks. 

She told us: "Add a touch of greenery with a potted plant. Our succulent in copper effect pot, will freshen up a room in an instant and it’s artificial so there’s no watering required!"

Make a stylish display 

Forget bathroom minimalism, if you're choosing luxe-looking products with pretty packaging, put them on show. Candles, perfume bottles and pretty metallic soap dispensers, like in the picture below, can all give your bathroom a stylish luxe feel. 

Revamp your fixtures and fittings

For a budget-friendly alternative to investing in new tiles, make any less-than-gleaming grouting look good as new with a homemade mix of bicarbonate of soda and water.

Trisha says: "Rub it onto the grouting with an old toothbrush (an electric one is best), then fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spritz it over the bicarb mix. Use the toothbrush to scrub away any remaining grime, then rinse well with water."

Throw in the towel

Looking for an even easier way to add some colour to your bathroom? Trisha says: "Update your space and add a splash of colour in an instant by replacing old towels and flannels with some vibrant new ones like our Bright Chevron Border bath towel, each. Tumble drying will help keep them fluffy while reducing detergent will avoid towels feeling stiff."

Weave in a basket or two

If your bathroom cabinets are full to the rafters then choose an eye-catching basket or two to control the overflow. Keep it tidy with a mid-sized wire basket to store fresh towels in or spare loo rolls. Small woven baskets can be placed on shelves to house your make-up and rubber baskets are fab for keeping shampoos and soaps in. 

Make sure you stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store.