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Bedroom ideas to revamp tired decor

Give your bedroom a chic hotel makeover with these top decorating tips from interior designers.

Bedroom ideas to revamp tired decor

Looking for bedroom decorating ideas? If your bedroom is stuck in a style rut, it’s time for a revamp. And luckily for you, we’ve got a whole host of brilliant bedroom ideas – straight from the professionals.

Arguably the most important room of the house, your bedroom is where you can relax, recharge and unwind. So, it goes without saying that you should feel completely at ease in this space.

Cue the bedroom ideas you need to transform your decor into a hotel-worthy haven! There’ll be plenty of early nights ahead after you’ve tried out a few of these...


Your bedroom is a place where you can check out from the stresses of daily life and simply relax. It’s your ‘safe space’, so bear that in mind when you decorate and choose furniture. Even if you’re going for a minimalist feel your bedroom should be a cosy, welcoming place that puts you at ease.


By the basics, we mean everything you need for a good night’s sleep: a comfortable mattress, pillows, warm bedding that doesn’t itch and curtains or blinds that give you the right kind of light (blackout blinds are great if street lamps are a problem, but avoid them if you enjoy waking up to natural light). No matter how you decorate the rest of the room, if these aren’t right you’ll never love where you sleep.

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The aim is to make moving around the bedroom as easy as possible. You should be able to walk from the door to the bed without bumping into anything and have enough space to open drawers and wardrobes without having to tussle with any other obstacles. Try to have a clear pathway at all times.


While banning all tech devices from the bedroom is said to help with insomnia, it’s not always possible, so you’ll need to check you have a place to charge your phone, as well as additional sockets for alarm clocks, bedside lamps and any other electricals you use in the bedroom such as hair styling tools. Extension leads can help with this, but try to keep them running around the very edges of the room, or even behind or underneath furniture, so they don’t look messy and spoil the view.


You don’t have to stick to your theme rigidly, but having some kind of consistency to the decor – blue tones or stripes for example – can help to pull everything together and make for a more stylish end result. It’ll make choosing wallpaper or paint colours far easier and will also mean you have a plan to stick to when shopping for bedding and accessories. Even a busy bedroom full of mismatched prints will feel more in sync if there’s a clear theme running through it.

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Some people love the idea of piling up decorative pillows. Others however, hate having to dig through layer upon layer just to find their way into bed. If you’re sharing the sleeping space, do have a discussion about pillows before getting carried away! Designers recommend using between one and six extra pillows to make your bed look super cosy, without having to dig too deep each night. Mix up the sizes, colours and prints to add variation to your theme.


If you’re lucky enough to have a big bedroom, consider adding a place to sit that isn’t the bed. Whether it’s a big chair, a chaise lounge or comfy window seat, it’ll give you somewhere sturdy to put on your shoes, sit and check your messages before bedding down for the night, or will simply be a nice spot to read and unwind.


As well as being a nice design feature, strategically stocked bedside tables or cabinets can actually help you sleep better. Anything that might help you drift off after interruptions or feelings of restlessness such as a glass of water, some lavender oil, a good book or a leafy house plant (said to aid relaxation) should have its own place on your nightstand. It’s a good idea to pop some tissues, a little hand cream, lip balm and ear plugs (if you sleep with a snorer) in there too.


Whatever your decor style, finish off with a few soft and cosy touches. A nice rug to greet your bare feet in the morning or inviting throws on the end of the bed: adding a few touch-me textures into the mix will make any bedroom feel more welcoming.

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