Botanical trend

3 ways to add the tropical trend into your home this spring

Transform your home into an exotic paradise

3 ways to add the tropical trend into your home this spring

Every year there's new decorating trends, marvellous masterpieces and trendy little must-have accessories which can help turn your house into a home.

And by the looks of things this year, it's the tropical trend which we - and what seems like the rest of the world - just can't get enough of. From gold pineapples, flamingo-anything and bright and colourful bird prints - it's the quirky trend which is sweeping its way into everyone's home. 

So with the British weather being typically British, try bringing some tropical tones into your home this spring with our range from George


For a while it was owls which were seen popping up on pillows or peering at you from your mantelpiece, but it seems there's a new bird on the block - make way for the fabulous flamingo.

From lights, like this statement flamingo-shaped one, to prints and stationery bits, flamingo anything makes for a bold, quirky and a welcoming addition to your interior.

Birds and leaves

Instantly add some tropical greenery to your walls, style-up your sofa with printed cushions and liven up your bathroom with some refreshing rainforest prints to really nail the trend.

Transform your bedroom into an exotic paradise with this vibrant and leafy printed duvet set, add an exotic touch to your bathroom with this soap dispenser and toothbrush holders, or try a bold shower curtain to liven things up. 



No longer are pineapples just a fruit to be eaten on your holidays, this cute motif has been turned into a well-loved piece of décor. 

From pineapple lights which will add some fruity sparkle into your home, to plates, lamps and vases - there is no stopping this trend from taking over. 

Feeling inspired by the botanical trend? Make sure you stock up on everything you'll need at George or pop into your local store