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5 creative ways to show off your photos

Show off your photo memories in style

5 creative ways to show off your photos

It's the start of the New Year and now more than ever would be a good time to redecorate your home. Whether it's moving some pictures around or finally placing up some new images on your wall, we've put together some simple tricks to help brighten up your home.

So this January, show off your memories in style and keep the kids entertained at the same time, by decorating a blank space in their bedroom, study or living room with a photo wall. They can select pictures of family and friends they want to feature, or any paintings and drawings which they have created at home or whilst at school.

To help you get started, we’ve put together five creative photo walls which you and your little ones will love constructing.

Large photo frame

This large coloured frame is an easy way to instantly update a blank wall. Why not root around the attic, charity shops or an antique shop to find a cheap old frame that needs some tender loving care and repaint it a striking colour with spray paint to make a statement in your home. Then all you'll need to grab is some string, mini pegs and as many pictures as you can find.

Family tree

This amazingly creative design would look great on any spare wall. You’ll need to grab some wall stickers to recreate the tree and then get as creative as you want with photo frames of all sizes.

Multicoloured frames

Grab lots of little and large photo frames of all shapes and sizes to help recreate this wall, which can be filled with drawings, pictures and artwork.


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It’s amazing how a piece of string can have such a creative outcome. Simply pin up some rows of string and get hanging with your pictures!

Washi tape 

It seems that there is no end to what things you can use washi tape for. It's the magical tape which is made out of pretty patterned paper, which makes it a gorgeous decorating accessory. Originally hailing from Japan and typically made from natural fibres like bamboo, hemp or tree bark, washi tape is surprisingly strong. But despite its strength, it won't leave any visible marks which makes it ideal for using around the home!

Grab some different coloured washi tapes and you and the kids can hang up your pictures in no time.

Feeling inspired to get creative this half term? Make sure you head to Asda to stock up on your photo frames, washi tape and string or head online.