5 Seriously Simple Interior Design Ideas You Can Try At Home

And they honestly won't break the bank...

5 Seriously Simple Interior Design Ideas You Can Try At Home

Looking for small ways to shake up your living space without breaking the bank this spring? The new George Homeware collection has landed in-store and online and the combination of on-trend styles and amazingly affordable price points means you can make a statement in any room in the house. 

Why not take your cue from the professionals and decide what each room's best assets are, then think how you can make the most of them with subtle updates. While it's always fun to try a new trend (flamingo prints, anyone?), the trick to DIY décor is to stick to timeless trends and introduce the odd 'out there' accessory to create a talking point. 

So whether you've just moved in to a new place and want to put your stamp on it or you're just desperate to freshen up your bedroom, our five designer-inspired trends will bring out your creative side in no time!


1. Gallery walls


People are often intimidated by windowless walls but just think of it as the perfect canvas for tying the room together and letting your creativity run wild. You could spend years looking for the perfect large print or picture that you'll love forever, but a mini-gallery gives you much more flexibility. Pick a couple of frames and then fill them with family photos, wallpaper patterns, or even pretty plates. Mix styles or opt for matching frames, the possibilities are endless! Whatever theme or style you go for, this cheap and cheerful interior design idea is such a simple way to add tonnes of personality to your home. Get your gallery wall started with this this pretty butterfly frame, £10. 


2. Scandinavian-inspired design


It's not just their knitted jumpers and crime books we can't get enough of –  those stylish Scandinavians have got us lusting after their beautiful homes, too! Scandi style is defined by understated design, minimalist style and quality-looking furniture. If this fits with your own personal style then why not try the trend by investing in wooden floors, keeping walls white, choosing simple furniture with clean lines and (aiming for!) clutter-free rooms. Allow the rooms to breath by spacing out furniture and organising your home so that everything has a place. Easier said than done, we know! 


3. Upcycling


You don't need to be a DIY expert to turn an ordinary piece of furniture into something out of this world. All you need is a few tools, some time and your imagination! Upcycling projects can range from the extreme to the quick and easy, so there's no need to feel intimidated. Why not try making toys out of plastic bottles or making an unusual vase, like the glass floral arrangement above (£10). You may already have some items at home that can easily be re-purposed with a lick of paint or some clever crafting. Not only is upcycling environmentally-friendly but you're also sure to create something totally unique for your home!


4. 50 Shades of Grey


No, we're not talking about that steamy romance! We mean introducing this gorgeous colour into your home – whether it's with furniture, calming paint shades, accent pieces like pretty cushions or throws, grey will always be in style. Warm greys with yellow tones are ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere whereas cool greys with blue tones will add sophistication. With so many shades to choose from, you can't go wrong. What's especially great about grey is that it can be paired with practically any other colour to create a desired look – team with wood for a more Scandi feel or bright yellow for a modern style. Easy! 


5. Statement lighting


Lighting is so important in home decorating. There are few better ways to instantly alter the mood or ambience of a room. Lighting is also a clever way to make smaller spaces seem larger. But don't just think of lighting in functional terms - look for lighting fixtures that add to the room's décor as well. This rope glass table lamp, £30, will illuminate a hallway in style! 

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