How to give your wooden floor a whitewashed scandi look

Achieve beautiful Nordic flooring with our easy-to-follow DIY guide

How to give your wooden floor a whitewashed scandi look

If you’ve always dreamt of having beautiful, rustic, white wooden bedroom flooring - dream no longer.  

"My shortcut version produced the exact flooring I had in mind so I thought I'd share with any other lazy DIYers"

Our design expert Ruth, blogger behind Design Soda, has revealed the best way of giving your home this chic, Scandinavian look, after achieving amazing results from her own easy method. 

Ruth says: "Whitewashed floors are something the Scandinavians do very well.

"With whitewashed floors you get the best of both worlds as they are more rustic than a matt white finish but cleaner and crisper than untreated wood.

"When you look up whitewashed floor tutorials there is painstaking advice of repeatedly bleaching the wood followed by producing your own stain to treat the wood in blues or purples to neutralise the natural tones of the wood. This all sounded a little beyond both my patience and my baby-addled brain. My shortcut version produced the exact flooring I had in mind and it was so pain-free to do I thought I'd share with any other lazy DIYers in search of the same advice."


You will need just 3 items:

Step 1: Mix up your paints 

"I made my white mixture up of two parts paint, to one part water after testing on a spare board. A fifty-fifty ratio also works quite well, but you will see more grain than white at a quick glance."

Step 2: Sand your floorboards

"Sand your floorboards, new boards require less sanding than older ones."

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Step 3: Start painting

"You'll need three layers of the white mixture. If you are happy to achieve a rustic effect, don’t be too precious about the application.

"I sloshed mine on rather roughly and then blended with a paintbrush from one end of the board to the other. I allowed about two hours drying time in between applications, so this job is quite do-able within a day.

"However, I did wait overnight before I started to apply the sealant. I chose water-based polyurethane as oil-based has a tendency to yellow over time. I was super happy with the result, it is my favourite floor in the house and actually so much nearer to my heart's desire than true white would have been as whitewashed boards give you the compliment of clean bright flooring while being able to decipher the natural knots and grain of the wood."

Meet our expert


Ruth is a London based design blogger and mummy currently renovating her new home on a low-middle budget. In her weekly blog, Design Soda, she charts the things that catch her eye for interiors and DIY. At home sourcing her interiors from flea markets to supermarkets, she's also a fan of homewares in the aisles at Asda.

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