How To Transform Your Outdoor Living Space In Three Easy Steps

You can create your little oasis this summer with one of these simple tricks

How To Transform Your Outdoor Living Space In Three Easy Steps

Warmer weather and longer days means that it's time to head outdoors and enjoy it while you can. But if your garden space is looking more worn-out than welcoming, it's time for an upgrade. Enter these easy garden ideas that can be achieved with minimal effort but seriously impressive results. 

Ideal for entertaining, a stylish outdoor space can also be a calm oasis for when you just want to sit outside, listen to the birds and (hopefully) soak up a few rays of sun. Whether you're in the city centre or out in the country, having your own outdoor oasis will do wonders for your happiness and peace of mind. Get inspired to create your very own al fresco haven with these clever garden ideas. 

1. Add a pop of colour

Welcome in the warmer months with vibrant colours that will instantly lift and brighten up your outdoor space. Choose from pretty pillows and throws, or quirky garden accessories that will add a welcome splash of colour to your surroundings. Opt for greens and blues for a stylish and calming effect, or make a statement with bright pinks. Whichever colours you choose will be sure to add some cheer to your garden! 

2. Bring the indoors out

Create an outdoor space that's just as comfy and stylish as your home's interior with a few carefully selected pieces of furniture. Garden furniture needs to be durable enough to withstand the elements, but that doesn't mean you should sacrifice on style. Try adding a chic bar and some inviting bar stools, and you'll be surprised by how much more time you spend outdoors! Glass of vino, anyone?

3. Add a touch of luxury

Not going on holiday this year? No problem! With a few luxurious touches and snazzy accessories, you can re-create that abroad feel at home. A parasol adds instant holiday ambiance (whether the sun is shining or not!), and a rustic-style furniture is perfect for enjoying your breakfast outside when the sun is shining. Luxury doesn't have to be costly either – a gorgeous bamboo wind chime or Grecian-style pitcher will give you that sunny summer feeling for less than £10!

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