Cackling pumpkin

How to turn your home into a haunted house this Halloween

With a few quick tricks you can transform your home into a house of horror. Mwah-ha-ha!

How to turn your home into a haunted house this Halloween

Holding a Halloween haunt this October? Here's how to turn your home from "snore" to "gore"...

Trick or treat?

Spook out the spirits with a front entrance that will make their hair stand on end. Pumpkins can be effective without carving if you place a few ominous black crows on top of them, and these fun light-up pumpkins make a great, safe alternative to tealights. Trick or treat?

For a Jack-o-lantern even little kids can get involved in, try our pumpkin push-ins. The perfect no-carving spooky delight for your doorstep...


Watch your step

You can decorate an entire house in a flash with wispy spiders’ webs. Transform your staircase into a ‘scarecase’ by wrapping a tangle of webs around the bannister, then intersperse with pumpkin fairy lights for a ghoulish glow. Dial up the fear factor with our interactive Halloween TV. Press the buttons and wait to see shadowy spectres appear on the screen...

For a spooky trick that will really catch guests off-guard, this pumpkin wall plaque may look fright-free, but just wait until it rips out a giant, roaring cackle. That will get their hair standing on end...

Fright delights

As the witching hour approaches, vamp up your mantelpiece with freaky additions galore. This spine-chilling skeleton head is perfect for storing sweets or gruesome jelly brains inside. Or add the chill factor with a possessed doll that comes to life if you dare to press her hand...

Night fever

It doesn't all have to be goosebump-raising spook-fest though. For a trick that's a real treat, try our dancing skeleton figure. Press the button and watch him come to life... to the tune of Another One Bites the Dust!

Looking to get into the spooky spirit this Halloween? Find our full range of decorations online or pop into your local store... if you dare.