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5 Easy Ways To Give Your Garden A Mini Makeover

Transform your outdoor space with minimal effort

5 Easy Ways To Give Your Garden A Mini Makeover

There's no need to spend a small fortune or dig up the lawn in order to give your garden an upgrade. Even a few small changes can make a big difference. And the great thing about a mini garden makeover is that even a few simple additions and alterations can really revamp your space, which means you'll spend even more time enjoying it! Disocver how to spruce up your outdoor space with these five simple garden makeover ideas.

From how to create your very own personal haven to an addition that will make entertaining outdoors a cinch, these garden makeover ideas can be achieved no matter what size your space is. Whether you have an entire backyard, a large terrace or a small patio, make the most out of your garden this summer and transform it into a beautiful space with these simple ideas.

Add some greenery

Lush greenery and flowers aren't just pretty to look at – they also smell lovely and give a real sense of accomplishment as you watch them grow. While many people find gardening relaxing, don't fret if it's not your thing. You can still reap the benefits of a gorgeous garden by planting some low-maintenance potted plants or a charming herb planter – perfect for those alfresco dinners! Find clever gardening tips here.  

Create a spot just for you

You don't need a massive space to create your own personal haven. All you really need is a chair and a small table. Add a cheerful cushion and there you have it – a tranquil spot for your morning coffee, an afternoon spent curled up with a good book, or enjoying a glass of wine in the evening with a friend. Pure heaven. 

Add some flair

Cheer up your outdoor space with some fun ornaments and colourful decorations. Think beyond the traditional garden gnomes and add some fun flair with fairy ornaments, wooden lanterns, string lights or a garden trellis. Let your imagination run wild!

Get some shade

Now that the sun has come out (hurrah!), transform your garden into an outdoor oasis with a pretty parasol or shady gazebo. Perfect for entertaining, a bit of cover from the elements is essential for keeping food and drinks out of the sun (or the rain!). 

Get grilling

Think you don't have room for a BBQ? Think again! These days, so many brands are introducing small, portable barbecues that require minimal effort or space to get going. Invest in a small grill at the start of the summer and you'll be sure to get good use out of it. You could even add a striking fireplace and log burner to your garden to really wow friends and family. Invite some friends round, fire it up and watch your outdoor space come to life. Discover our 7 BBQ essentials here.  

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