This Harry Potter Christmas tree is absolutely magical

It was made by a muggle from Seaham

This Harry Potter Christmas tree is absolutely magical

If you're still thinking about a theme for this year's Christmas tree, why not take inspiration from this ingenious muggle and create a stunning Harry Potter tree? 

Kathryn Burnett, a 29-year-old Potter superfan from Seaham, North Durham, has given her tree a magical makeover and the detail is absolutely incredible. 

It took her eight hours in total to create a festive scene more than worthy of J.K. Rowling's wizarding world.

The decorations, from Golden Snitch baubles, to silver stag Petronus, to Hogwarts welcome letters and house crests, were collected during Kathryn's many, many trips to the Warner Bros. Studio (she's been 11 times and counting). 

Sitting underneath the tree is a Hogwarts chest, Hedwig the owl in his cage and a replica of the Hogwarts Express. 

And she's topped the whole thing off with the Sorting Hat. 

"This is the second year I’ve done the tree, but this year I added more," Kathryn told Buzzfeed, adding: "My favourite decoration is the Cornish pixie at the top as he’s pulling at the Sorting Hat."

Kathryn shared lots of pictures of her Harry Christmas on Facebook last week, writing: "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the 'Christmas Lights'."

They've already been liked over 16,000 times and shared over 115,000 times. 

They've even had the ultimate endorsement - a thumbs-up from J.K. Rowling herself. Kathryn told us: "It hasn't sunk in!"

“I really didn’t expect the response it has had, To me it’s just my little tree and display with everything I love on it.”

Well, to us, it's pure magic! 

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