How to turn your home into a cosy winter retreat

Get your hygge on…

How to turn your home into a cosy winter retreat

What do you call it when you’re warm, cosy and feeling relaxed at the same time? It’s the art of being hygge of course.

Hygge often happens when you are together with the people closest to you, your nearest and dearest

The Danish word, which can’t be translated into English directly, is used to describe the technique of caring of yourself, spending time with those you love and having a warm, cosy and relaxed time.

It's the buzzword that everyone’s talking about including author Marie Tourell Søderberg who has written the book Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness.

The author explains: “Hygge is for everyone, whoever you are, wherever you are.

“You experience it when you are able to be fully present in the moment, and feel content and at ease.

“Hygge often happens when you are together with the people closest to you, your nearest and dearest; people with whom you can be open and sincere with, where you don't have to pretend to be anything besides who you are.”

With the cold and crisp mornings, the dark and dreary nights and the average temperature in the UK dipping to below freezing point, what better time to style your home into a cosy little den?

Whether it’s candles that make you feel relaxed, blankets which make you feel cosy, or having a bath which makes you feel human again, we've rounded up a range of tips and tricks which you can do to make sure your home is a real retreat.

Light some candles

Nothing warms up the house like the glow of some pretty candles. Dim the lights and dot little and large lanterns around your home for that ultimate cosy feel. And don't forget to choose well when it comes to stocking up on candles, like this Wax Lyrical Blissful Sundays, as home fragrance can play a big part in how your home feels. 

Turn your bathroom into a spa

There's nothing better than having a lovely, warm bubble bath after a very long day. Pour some bath oils or bubbles into the bath, put some soothing music on, light some candles (of course) and get ready to soak and relax. Just make sure you have a fresh towel on the radiator, so it's lovely and warm for when you get out!

Make your sofa a place of comfort

The living room is often the most used room in the house - with the whole family gathering on the sofa, reading, watching TV and spending quality time together. So shouldn't it be the cosiest, most inviting room in the house? Throw plenty of cushions onto your sofa, lay out some coffee table books, and don't forget to invest in some blankets for those extra cosy moments!

Invest in some cosy bedroom pieces

In life, is there anything better than slipping into bed between freshly changed sheets? Make your bedroom is set up for a good night's sleep with some new crisp sheets, big chunky throws and some Egyptian cotton pillows.


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