Cosy country cottage feel

How to turn your home into a cosy country cottage

Home is at the centre of your world, so why not show it the love it deserves this spring

How to turn your home into a cosy country cottage

A kitchen top filled with a tea pot and china cups, a hamper full of eggs and country cheeses, a bursting pantry, a living room with deep-set sofas, a big grandfather clock and bare-brick walls - is there anything more romantic than a cosy English country cottage?

By making small updates to your homeware, your special space can look like you’re somewhere in the country

Every now and then we imagine a place where we can go to get away from the busyness of everyday life and the hustle and bustle of the outside world. 

But you don’t just have to book into a country retreat in the middle of nowhere every four months to achieve the same look and charming character that cottages exude.

According to Karen Stylianides, deputy editor at House Beautiful, "Vintage details and pastel shades create a look that is totally now!"

So why not make some small and simple updates to your homeware, so your special space can feel like a holiday home away from home - even if it is in the middle of suburbia!

Country-up your living room

Seriously snug sofa? Check. Comfy throws? Check. And don’t forget those little touches that make it your own. Cushions are often an easy way to add a touch of colour to your home and a simple way to update your décor. And little ornaments, such as this china duck, can instantly make a 'quacking' statement.

Or, try adding a touch of charm to your home with our bee-autiful vase and fill an empty wall with a clock

Make the most of mealtime

Forget the noise of the outside world and gather all the family and kids around the table, as these baking beauties will make your dining area and kitchen look like a country cottage. If you're a bit of a baker, these blue and yellow cake tins will come in handy and these kitchen scales will help avoid any baking mishaps.

Or why don't you get the girls round and treat them to an afternoon tea on a new dinner set?

Beautify your bedroom

Transform your bedroom into a beautiful boudoir with our range of vintage and pastel-inspired bedspreads, as they'll instantly update your home and give it a cosey feel. This floral printed traditional duvet set has a classic homely feel and this farmhouse printed set with a duck egg blue border is ideal for adding charm to your bedroom.

Feeling inspired to transform your home? Make sure you check out our latest George range here or pop into your local Asda store