Before and After: 2 children’s bedrooms get an easy makeover

When two kids asked us to make over their boring rooms, we came to the rescue with fun themed updates from George Home

Before and After: 2 children’s bedrooms get an easy makeover

Everyone remembers their childhood bedroom, a unique space filled with favourite posters, toys and keepsakes. Whether a child is football-mad or obsessed with purple décor, their room should reflect their personality.

So when Isobel, 12, and Christian, nine, from London, set us the challenge of updating their bedrooms, we couldn’t wait to convert them from dull to dazzling!  

Isobel is a girlie-girl who loves pretty things – and, with ambitions to be a designer one day, she likes the colours in her room to be coordinated. Her brother Christian just wanted more of a fun space to play.

Like many kids, both tend to complain when told it’s time for bed – so parents Helen and Dillon were keen for us to do whatever we could to make them actually want to turn in for the night.

Using great ranges from George Home, we created rooms for the kids that felt like their own space – a place to spend time with friends or chill out, surrounded by their favourite things.


Isobel's bedroom Before

Isobel says: ‘I like hanging out in my bedroom and having friends over but it wasn’t a very pretty space before. I also had lots of things that I’d grown out of, but not quite got around to throwing out, and I felt ready for a change.'

Isobel's bedroom After

Isobel says: 'The new cushions and duvet set are really sweet, and the butterflies on the wall give it a lovely summery feel. I love the storage boxes that fit under my bed. When Mum tells me to tidy my room – which she does, often! – I now have somewhere to put all my stuff, leaving the place looking really neat. Now I’ve seen the finished result, I can’t wait for my next sleepover!’

George Home editor Sharon Parsons says: 'A storage basket is your best friend when a super-speedy tidy-up is needed! And under-bed boxes are ideal for storing toys or winter clothes without taking up valuable space. Pinboards are a great way of displaying all their precious photos and cards – without using sticky tape or Blu Tak on walls. Go all-out on their fave theme by stencilling shapes on the walls. You can find and download templates for free online. Then, when you fancy a change, just paint over them.' 


Christian's bedroom BEfore

Christian says: ‘I never liked inviting my friends over because my room was a bit boring. Now I love going in there – even when it’s bedtime, which makes Mum and Dad very happy!"

Christian's bedroom After

Christian says: ‘I like looking at the dinosaur pictures on the duvet cover as I’m going to sleep. I love the mountains painted on the wall and the green T. rex head, too – and no, it doesn’t give me nightmares! History is my favourite subject at school so it’s fun to look around my room and imagine how the world used to be millions of years ago when dinosaurs roamed around it.’

Sharon says: 'Painting a mural might seem daunting but this mountain range design is not complicated – and it rocks! Applying masking tape to the walls before you start will help to create clean lines. Add some snowy caps if you’re feeling adventurous. Pouffes aren’t just for the living room, they make a comfy, versatile addition to kids’ rooms, too. Great for when they’re chilling out with friends or playing games. Fun throws like this Jurassic fleece are great for jazzing up plain bedding, and make an ideal extra blanket if a friend is sleeping over.’

Feeling inspired to jazz up your kid's bedroom? Make sure you stock up on everything you need at George or pop into your local store