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Will Lagom be the new interiors trend to take over from Hygge this year?

Attention all Scandifiles!

Will Lagom be the new interiors trend to take over from Hygge this year?

Hygge was arguably the biggest interiors and lifestyle trend for 2016, and pretty much took over our winter. So much so, that the Oxford Dictionary has even shortlisted it as one of their ‘Words of the Year’ for 2016. But there's a new Scandi trend creeping into our lives this January...

Last year, you could barely log onto Facebook, walk into a book shop or purchase homeware without seeing the Danish word 'hygge'. Translated to 'cosiness' in English, 'hygge' is the concept of creating a warm, inviting atmosphere at home. 

But it's time to forget about hot chocolates, crackling fires, a gazillion candles and layer upon layer of knitwear, and enter the time of ‘lagom’ – introduced by the Swedes, 'lagom' comes from the phrase "lagom är bäst", which translates as 'the right amount is best'.


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The latest scandi trend hitting British homes, 'lagom' is all about the notion of being frugal, reducing waste, being more envinromentally friendly and creating balance. Lagom means 'not too much, and not too little', and is about the balance of not having to sacrifice what you love, while not taking more than you need from the planet.

'Lagom' living is becoming increasingly popular. According to the BBC, the term has seen a steady increase in Google searches and has been tweeted over 13,500 times in the past three months alone.

Unsurprisingly, several consumer companies have jumped on the 'lagom' bandwagon with brands producing skin collections, knitted clothing and furniture based on the notion of making life easier, more enjoyable and inexpensive. Lagom is also the title of a Bristol-based magazine celebrating people with a good work/life balance.


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There are many easy ways you can create a more 'lagom' lifestyle at home.

It can be a simple case of watching your spending, recycling more, decluttering your home, reducing energy consumption at home, being more conscious about throwing away food and being aware of your shower times, investing in LED lightbulbs to help the planet whilst also saving on bills, cycling instead of spending money on public transport, and briging a reusable bag with you when you shop instead of spending 5p for a plastic bag.

Now there's a new years resolution we can get on board with!