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5 secrets to a stylish but kid-friendly living room

How to create a beautiful home that the whole family can enjoy

5 secrets to a stylish but kid-friendly living room

While it's true that having a family can mean a degree of sacrifice (you might have to say goodbye to privacy, weekend lie-ins and impromptu nights out for a while), it doesn't have to mean forgoing a stylish home. With a few clever tips and beautiful buys, you can create a beautiful living space that is both chic and child-friendly. We have five living room decorating ideas that will transform your home into a stylish oasis, while letting little ones enjoy the space too.

We all remember that grandmother's living room that was strictly out of bounds to children. But on the other hand, you don't have to turn your house into a kid's playroom either. There's a happy medium that will allow every member of the family to relax and enjoy the heart of the home. Discover five smart living room decorating ideas below...

Go for on-trend darker colours like cool greys and beautiful blues

White fabrics are lovely, but not necessarily the most child-friendly option. Darker colours are much better for camouflaging those inevitable scuffs and stains that come along, plus super trendy at the moment. Try mixing and matching shades and textures, like complimenting a grey sofa with a marble base table lamp and faux-silk silver curtains. Keep your living space airy and light by complimenting darker tones with pops of colour, like bright cushions and vibrant accessories. 

Clever storage solutions

Clutter is pretty much an unavoidable fact of family life but there's no need to ban toys for your room. With a few genius tips and storage hacks, it doesn't have to totally take over your living space. Choose stylish storage solutions that will not only keep little one's toys and things organised but will also enhance your living space, like attractive boxes, pretty baskets or open shelves

Accessorise wisely

A stylish accessory can lift an entire room, whether it's a beautiful vase or a bold print. The key to adding accents in a family-friendly living room is choosing ones that are virtually indestructible (think cushions, books or plants) or placing them out of reach of curious hands. 

Functional furniture

Invest in fixtures that are functional as well as fashionable. You'll always find use for easy to move around fixtures like pouffes and footstools, perfect for making space for little ones to play but also great as extra chairs for surprise guests. And a stylish ottoman doubles as a comfortable resting place for mum's weary legs plus a soft table top for kids.  

Comfort is key

The living room should be a place where everyone feels welcome – from friends coming over for a wine and cheese night to teenagers doing their homework on the table to little ones playing on the floor. It's a space for creating memories, so make it one that people want to spend time in by filling with inviting accessories, like snuggly throws, plush cushions and cosy rugs

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