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8 of the most beautifully decorated micro spaces you’ve ever seen

Who know you could do so much with 150 sq ft?

8 of the most beautifully decorated micro spaces you’ve ever seen

With the price of property rising faster than you can say ‘we’ll take it’, it looks like smaller studio spaces are the way to go.

He has completely transformed a 150 sq ft space into a magnificent man cave

From converted garages, extended lofts and insulated garden rooms, nowadays, homeowners are forced to think of savvy ways to make their small spaces livable.

And by the looks of things, New York-based actor Anthony Triolo is leading the way when it comes to transforming micro spaces into stylish homes.

Earlier this week the 32-year-old actor, who has most recently starred in the 2016 film How to Be Single, showed us that small really is beautiful after he shared a before and after picture of his 150 sq ft studio in Manhattan.

The small rental has been completely transformed into a magnificent man cave.  


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All 150 sq ft of his space includes a small bathroom, a living room which includes a massive chair for a sofa, a desk which also doubles up as a kitchen counter, a fully fitted kitchen and an upstairs bedroom.


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Speaking to the New York Magazine, he said he moved into the tiny studio apartment located in a brownstone, thinking it would serve as a temporary living space until he was able to find a larger place. 

He said: 'This was the first place I found on Craigslist that wasn’t a scam.'

The low rent, cleanliness and the fact the bathroom had been 'nicely renovated', we're also reasons for moving into the apartment.

And six years later, after taking the small space on as a project, the actor has managed to utilise all of the room by giving areas in his flat 'dual functions.' 

But it seems Triolo isn't the only house proud resident to share some snaps of their stylish spaces.

Whether it's adding in a free-standing shelf to help break up the room, or the addition of mirrors to help create a sense of space, we've put together some of the most beautifully styled tiny spaces.

1. Brilliant bungalow 


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2.  Glass-walled haven


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3.  Tiny living 

4.  A mini wooden palace


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5.  High ceilings


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6.  Around 300 sq ft of beauty 


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7.  Mezzanine bedrooms 


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8. An elusion of different rooms 


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