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No more holes! 7 creative ways to hang your wall art without using nails

Avoid drilling holes in your walls and try our favourite ways to showcase your much-loved pictures, postcards and photos

No more holes! 7 creative ways to hang your wall art without using nails

Wall art can make a big difference to a living space. It’s a great way of stamping your personal style on your home and can instantly make it feel more welcoming.

Press down washi tape on posters corners or cover all the edges for a more vibrant and secure ‘frame’

Whether you’re currently renting from a strict landlord or you’d rather not damage your own walls, there are lots of decorative ways to show off your wall art without reaching for a hammer and nails.

Fishing wire and hooked pegs

This arrangement is the more durable and industrial-style alternative to the peg and string system. If you don’t mind drilling a small hole at the corners of your wall then this makes a stylish solution for showcasing your pictures.

Push Pins

For lightweight items such as fabrics or cards, push pins are a discreet alternative to nails and will only leave behind the most miniscule of holes.

Pegs and string

Remember this simple system that’s often used to showcase primary school paintings around the classroom? It’s also a low-cost way to hang memorable photos and postcards at home and only requires two push pins (to keep string in place), string, scissors and stationery pegs. Easy!

Washi Tape

Washi tape is traditionally made from hemp, bamboo or tree bark making it ultra strong and perfect for mounting art. Tear off pieces of tape and press them down on the corners of your posters or cover all the edges of a poster for a more vibrant and secure ‘frame’. And the best bit? It peels off without leaving any sticky residue.

Picture Hanging Strips

Despite their thin appearance, these picture hanging adhesive strips are anything but flimsy. Don’t be afraid to use them to hang your framed pictures as the toughest of strips can hold up to 12 lbs!

Corkboard and hooks

If you want to reserve your artwork for a feature wall, a corkboard is a great way to do it without hammering holes into your wall. Why not paint the board a colour to suit your scheme? Using pins or washi tape it can host a collection of your favourite keepsakes.

Wood and bulldog clips

Attach a thin plank of wood to your wall with heavy duty hanging strips and hammer evenly spaced out nails into it. Thread a bulldog clip onto each nail and you’ve got yourself a wall to curate. This can also be used as a family noticeboard and can be painted any colour to suit the rest of your decor.

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