Baby nursery

10 gorgeous nursery decorating ideas to try at home

From decorative garlands and storage ideas to DIY animal heads and hanging mobiles...

10 gorgeous nursery decorating ideas to try at home

Just because you’re decorating for a little one doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on style or design, and a well designed room needn't be expensive. In fact, a baby's nursery is a great place to get super creative with a relatively small space. Whether you’re making a decorative garland, making your own mobile or dream catcher, or filling the room with cute photos of baby animals, the possibilities for a well-designed nursery are surprisingly endless. Here are 10 ideas to inspire a beautiful baby's room.

1. DIY garlands

Making a garland for your baby's room is a super fun and easy DIY home crafting project. Make a leafy garland, a pom pom garland, or even a tassel garland – then drape over their crib or hang along the wall, or even decorate the mantelpiece or baby changing unit

This whimsical eucalytus garland is soft and neutral, and could be easily made from artificial foliage.

Alternatively, cut leaf shapes out of paper or felt to create a botanical-inspired green leafy garland. Why not add a few artificial or paper flowers among them, or thread along some fairy lights?

2. Framed prints

Find some adorable baby animal prints online and frame them in pretty frames for a lovely and gender-neutral nursery. 

3. Paint the walls

Haven't found the right wallpaper yet, and plain walls looking too bland for your space? Cut a cloud shape out of a piece of card to create a simple stencil, then use a roller and wall paint to create cute cloud prints.

Or get a sharpie pen and get doodling! You could create a pretty dalmatian print simply by drawing black dots on the wall.

4. DIY alphabet letters

Have you picked a name for your baby yet? Spell it out by creating large alphabet letters to display on the bookshelf in their room, or hang their initials on the wall.

For a quick and simple option, cut a letter out of carboard and then stick, staple or sew a pretty fabric over it, or wrap it with coloured wool.

Or, if you're feeling really crafty, use artificial flowers to create a gorgeous 3D alphabet letter!

5. Make a stuffed animal zoo

Keep toys tidy with this super fun DIY animal zoo. Find an old wooden box or crate, then use wool or string as the 'bars'. This way the toys are on display and your child will be able to easily access them, the room will look tidy and the storage will add some fun! You could even create a funny sign, like 'don't feed the animals, they're stuffed'.

6. DIY dream catcher

Keep bad dreams at bay with this adorable DIY dream catcher made out of feathers hung with string from a branch or simple wreath.

Choose feathers to match the nursery's colour scheme, or stick with white for a clean look.

Or for something even easier, just attach ribbons instead!

7.  Create a miniature scene

Create a 3D interactive story box by using an old shoe box or cardboard box, cutting out the bottom so that it becomes a deep frame, then creating a miniature scene inside and hanging it on the wall.

The baby may be too young to play with a dolls house, but you can delight them with these wall scenes instead! You could use dolls house figures to create a home scene, or create a little woodland using sticks and some miniature deer, bunnies, foxes and badgers. Why not create a few different ones?

8. Stuffed animal busts

Get creative and make your own stuffed animal bust!

If sewing isn't your thing, get some newspapers, glue and chicken wire and make your own papier mâché versions. 

The sky is the limit! Create a koala, a flamingo, a toucan, a unicorn – or why not your family pet?

9. It's in the details

Even if you opt to go for a neutral theme, you can add a lot of charm through little details, such as tie-backs on the curtains.

Look around the room at any blank or boring spaces and think about how you could change them. For example, why should the back of cupboards and shelves be plain? Stick some pretty wallpaper or wrapping paper to the back of cupboards, wardrobes and shelves to give them a lift.

It's a great way to upcycle old furniture and dressers too. Find any themed paper from floral, botanical, animal to cowboy, hot air balloon, ballerina, whatever they're into – you could easily update the paper as they get older and develop new interests!

10. Storage

Last but not least, to avoid the room looking cluttered, try to stick to the same colour palette or invest in storage such as pretty baskets to keep books, toys and clothes out of sight.