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The paint shades to give your living space a new lease of life this autumn

We’ve got the key colour trends you need to create a cosy corner in your home with ease

The paint shades to give your living space a new lease of life this autumn

With temperatures dropping and the evenings drawing in earlier, autumn is a great time to make your living space that little bit cosier. You can create a more homely feel just by giving your walls a fresh look with seasonal-inspired paint shades – from dusty, natural hues to bold blues. Choose your palette and it can work in any room, depending on how you style it. Whether you’re planning a bedroom spruce-up or having a radical rethink of your living room, bring new life to a corner of your home with these striking colour combinations.

1. Pale and interesting

Set off dusty pinks and creams with walls painted in Cool Grey, then add touches of rich mulberry using accessories. Inspired by cool and wintery morning greys, pastel pinks and red wine, this colour combination will create a calm and tranquil interior with a sophisticated, contemporary look. Try the George Home paint palette in matt or silk.

2. Woodland / Back to Nature

Our instinctive desire to connect with the countryside inspires this cosy style and colour palette. Paint the walls in a soft putty-coloured Meadow Mushroom to create the perfect backdrop to berry reds, rusty oranges and earthy woodland-inspired tones. As the trend is based around getting back to basics and bringing the organic world inside, use nature as your inspiration and complete the look with rustic, textured woods and other natural materials like natural linen and rattan. With one or two woodland animal accessories in place, you have all you need to turn your home into a winter haven. Check out the shades from the George Home paint range.

3. Cool as ice

The minimalist style of this setting draws inspiration from the glacial beauty of the Arctic. The serene grey colour scheme is warmed up with heather shades and rich mauves. Paint your walls in Pearl Stone or Carved Flint and choose lilac and lavender accents using cushions, throws, curtains or even upholstery.

4. Into the blue

If you prefer richer shades for winter, look out for midnight blue, indigo and inky hues. This deep and moody palette makes the perfect combination for the winter months. Warm up the walls with rich berry shades or keep things classic with neutral greys and blues. Use George’s Midnight Blue as the base colour to create a rich and warm environment, or for a more subtle approach, introduce midnight blues using accessories. Compliment your walls with rich velvet furniture or accessories, dramatic digital prints and jewel-like beaded trimmings.