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8 cosy reading nooks to inspire your own literary haven

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8 cosy reading nooks to inspire your own literary haven

Every book addict needs their very own private reading area. Create a relaxed retreat in your home by constructing a cosy book nook. Unwind after a long day or chill out on the weekends, surrounded by your favourite novels. Shut out the world for a few hours and immerse yourself in a good read in your very own literary sanctuary.

You can create these cushy nests in any space, be it an alcove, on a landing or even in cupboard space. Customise with everything from cushions, rugs, plants, fairy lights and of course a book shelf or two. Put in as little or as much effort as you like, whether you’re constructing shelves or simply just laying out a rug and some throw cushions, and settle down to get your teeth into the latest novel. 

We’ve taken inspiration from the enviable interior photo realms of Pinterest, to bring you the best and quirkest ideas for creating your own book haven. Enjoy.  

If reading in bed makes you sleepy, place a comfy leather armchair in your bedroom to cosy up in instead. Use spare wall space for shelves, to surround yourself with your favourite reads.

Reclaimed wood and neutral tones create a rustic retreat for any city apartment. 

Utilise empty landing space with a cute window seat arrangement. 

Mix up your nook by accessorising with patterned cushions, cosy rugs, geometric lighting and cool wall art

Sometimes all it takes is a really good chair, splash out on a cosy seat like this one for your sanctuary. 

If you're short on space or working on a budget, try a fluffy rug or some floor cushions to create a comfty space.

Ok, not everyone has access to mountain views, but window seats work brilliantly in smaller apartments if your short on floor space. This arrangement also provides ample storage space. 

Pick up a printed pouffe for added luxury when curled up with a book.

Hammock seats are super comfty and relaxing. Find one that can be set up both inside and outside for year-round leisure.

Free yourself from distractions and create a private alcove under your stairs or by ripping out an unwanted built-in wardrobe.

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By Harriette Casey