Scandi sofa with cushions

The Scandi interiors trend is cool as ice and it’s here to stay

Make your home ice cool this winter with this glacier-inspired look

The Scandi interiors trend is cool as ice and it’s here to stay

Inspired by the high mountain cliffs and the sea-deep valleys of the Norwegian fjords and the furthest reaches of Scandinavia, the Nordic interiors trend combines a cool, icy palette with sharp, clean lines and soft, natural materials to evoke the light and serene nature of this part of the world.

It’s a trend that has staying power as season after season more and more of us are choosing to embrace it – and there are so many great accessories around to get the desired look.

Combining cool and wintery pastel colours, shimmery metallics, stoney materials like marble and glass, cosy sheepskins and iridescent materials, this calm and tranquil homeware trend will look eternally stylish – making it one to invest in for the long-term.

How to create the look at home 

1. Choose marble and glass accents to create a sophisticated atmosphere, then contrast with faux fur cushions and sheepskins to add some welcome warmth and accessorise with shimmering materials for a modern touch.

2. Add warmth to this minimalistic style by adding lilac, lavender and shadowy hues to compliment the creams and blues. Delve into icy territory with this gorgeous Geo cushion and mauve throw, or be bold with a modern metallic cushion contrasted against a faux fur cushion and matching faux fur throw.

3. Place this timeless side table next to your sofa or use it to add a little extra storage space in your living room. 

4. Update your living space with this futuristic iridescent table lamp, give your pendant light a makeover with a statement shade, or for something more subtle, this ceramic house lamp will add interest and a gorgeous warm glow. 

5. Decorate your fireplace or mantelpiece with some pretty lights, or arrange them in a glass vase to decorate shelves or add to your table setting.

6. For a beautiful bedroom update, decorate with a combination of rich textures and soothing colours, and then add some bold visuals and patterns for a sleek, contemporary finish. Your children will love this hanging star light and geometric polar bear reversable duvet set!

7. Create a refreshing and tranquil bathroom interior with cool, fresh tones and some distinct accent pieces to add interest to an otherwise minimal space. Update your bathroom with this marble effect soap dispenser and matching tumbler and bathroom tray to incorporate the cool tones and marble trend.