Small bedroom

How to make the most out of a small living space

Maximise space with these clever tips

How to make the most out of a small living space

Whether you're heading off to uni or just moved in to a new flat, making the most out of a smaller space can be a challenge. The secret to maximising a smaller room is to make smart choices and invest in storage-saving pieces. And the good news is that once you've mastered a few style tips and decorating hacks, you can create the room of your dreams, no matter the size.

The best small room ideas include choosing the right colours, creating the illusion of more space and minimising clutter. Combine these tricks with some smart finds, and you'll fall in love with your tiny space (hey, less room means less cleaning!). Discover our round-up of the best small room ideas below. 

Invest in smart furniture

That means ditching the king-size bed and instead opting for space-saving furniture. For example, investing in a bed that combines storage with sleep with hidden drawers or shelves is a great idea. Alternatively, opt for a bed with an iron frame to create a light and airy feel. 

Use mirrors to visually expand the room

Adding a few mirrors in such a small space may feel vain, but it's a tried-and-tested trick for opening up a room and creating more space. 

Think upwards

Maximise the space you have by using the wall and ceiling for storage, décor, or work space – or all three, like in this George ladder style shelving unit (pictured above). 

Embrace a neutral palette

Light colours give the illusion of space, while darker shades tend to feel more closed in. When it comes to wall colours and furnishings, you're better off keeping things light. But that doesn't mean you need to cover your entire bedroom in ceiling-to-floor white. In fact, pops of colour can make a room feel modern and cosy - it's all about balance. 

Use the wall

Items like clothing and towels tend to take up a lot of precious storage space. Instead, try hanging them up on the wall. This works best with bright-coloured items that you're happy to show off and it goes without saying that they should be clean! Also, remember to check with your uni or landlord what you're allowed to put on walls and ceilings. 

Go for multi-functional pieces

When space is an issue, you need furnishings and accessories to work twice as hard. Using a shelving unit to separate the bedroom area from the study area (see above) is a wonderful idea or think about investing in pieces like a footstool to sit on and use for storage. Alternatively, storage units that double as pretty home accessories are great examples of combining functionality with style. 

Great lighting can work wonders

Embrace natural light if you can, or if you don't have any windows or they're very small, add some light fixtures and extra lighting to make a small space feel bright and airy. Just make sure that any lighting doesn't take up valuable space - ceiling lights or fairy lights are a great option. 

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