How to make your uni room Instagram-ready

Get a First in bedroom style with these easy tips

How to make your uni room Instagram-ready

Starting university is such an exciting time. Just think of all the new friends, the parties, the independence, and all the learning, of course. One of the best aspects of going away to uni is having a room all to yourself - no parents or siblings allowed! But if the sight of your new bedroom leaves you feeling less than inspired, don't fret. It may look drab and dull now but with a few easy tips and tricks, you can transform your university room into a chic and stylish new home. 

Going to uni goes hand-in-hand with budgeting, so with that in mind, we've rounded up some easy decorating tips that won't cost the earth. The key to transforming a small space (that typically consists of concrete walls, terrible lighting and cardboard-like carpeting) is investing in a few standout pieces that are both functional and stylish, plus finding creative ways to show off your personality. Because this isn't just the room where you'll sleep, this is also where you'll spend hours studying, making new friends, throwing a few parties, and creating lasting memories. Here are 10 tips to transform your university room to the coolest space on the block. 

Show off your personality with your bedding

Your bed isn't just a cosy place to sleep but it will also double up as a sofa for all your new mates. Make it extra inviting by choosing a brighly coloured duvet set and adding some extra throws and cushions on top for comfort. Top tip - darker colours and patterns will hide those inevitable wine stains (because who has time to do laundry every week?).

Fairy lights are your friend

One of the easiest ways to jazz up a dreary wall or dark corner is by hanging some pretty fairy lights. They'll up the cosy factor when it's just you and a few friends having a chat, plus work brilliantly as party lighting for those late nights. Classic white will always look cute, but don't shy away from bolder fixtures like Neon

Clever storage solutions

Make the most out of the space you have with under-the-bed storage boxes and a stylish laundry basket to keep mess off the floor without any fuss. Large storage boxes are also a great option, as they can be stacked away in a corner plus will make moving out so much easier. 

Inject colour with a bright rug

Bring a welcome pop of colour into your room, plus give your feet something nicer to step on, with a cool rug. Try matching it to your bedding, like with this pretty duck egg shaggy rug, £20, and duvet set, £10, or make a statement with a bold print or design, like this moustache rug, £14. 

Biscuit tin

Entice your fellow dorm mates into your room with a well-stocked sweets tin. Match the tin to the rest of your décor, whether you're going for a sleek and stylish vibe or something more retro, like this orange robot cookie jar. Hey, you'll need to keep your energy up for all that studying...

Brighten up the room with lighting

University room overhead lighting is notoriously unflattering. Instead, invest in a stylish floor lamp to create a softer ambience and don't forget the desk lamp - you'll need it for those late-night study sessions! 

Notice boards

A must-have university room accessory, use your notice board to write down your lecture schedule, jot down reminders, and make note of this weekend's parties. Use a white board, chalk board or even a cork board to put on your door or wall. If your uni won't let you hang it on the door, simply prop it up against the wall on your desk. 

Washi tape jazzes up everything

This pretty patterned tape can pretty much be used for anything - without leaving any marks behind (because you'll want to get that deposit back at the end of year, trust us)! Use it to add personality to your door, clear storage boxes, notice boards and walls. Find out more about how to use washi tape here.

Wall art to show off your personality 

Perk up bland walls with posters, photos and cool wall art. Even a few postcards or some wrapping paper in nice frames can really jazz up plain concrete.  

Hangout accessories

If you want your room to not only be the most stylish on your floor but also the most fun, invest in some entertainement pieces that will have dormitory mates flooding in. Food is always a winner (see biscuit tin note above), but you can also pile your desk with fun games or bring a selection of dvds - Game of Thrones marathon, anyone?

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