6 Brilliant Ways To Make Your Walls Work As Hard As You Do

Walls aren't just for displaying art! Discover how to make the most out of your vertical spaces while keeping your home effortlessly stylish

6 Brilliant Ways To Make Your Walls Work As Hard As You Do

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home, suddenly find yourself needing more space in your current place, or simply just want to jazz up a room in your house, making the most out of your walls can be a brilliant solution to your living woes. 

We all know that walls are ideal for hanging artwork and pictures, but they can also function as storage, an indoor garden or a room’s focal point and a striking conversation piece. They can even help give the illusion of a bigger space!

Especially in smaller spaces, putting your walls to work and using them for much-needed organisation is essential. With a few brilliant wall decoration ideas, you can use your vertical surfaces for clever storage and space saving, while keeping your home both stylish and useful.  

Discover 6 brilliant wall decoration ideas and solutions below…

Add shelves

A closet or bookshelf can take up a lot of room, but a few free standing shelves are much less intrusive. Use them to store books, decorative pieces, or even as a mini mantelpiece to lean art work against. 

Wonderful Washi tape 

Walls are ideal for hanging clocks and family photos, but something home décor bloggers can’t get enough of is washi tape and with its easy application, no-fuss removal and budget-friendly price point, it’s not hard to see why! Use this pretty patterned tape to jazz up walls (perfect for when your landlord doesn't allow holes in the wall), frame pictures and mirrors or even create a unique wall calendar. Find more washi tape ideas here

Open up the space

If a room is feeling a little claustrophobic, use your walls to give the illusion of more space. Painting walls a bright, neutral colour can help add more light into a room, as well as adding mirrors to really open up the space. 

Add hooks

Free up some valuable closet space by adding hooks to walls or the back of doors for hanging coats, umbrellas, towels, jewellery and more. 

Utilise corners

Corners can feel like wasted space, but actually by adding a few smaller corner shelves to store decorative pieces and pretty pictures, it can quickly become a beautiful focal point of a room - while being highly functional. 

Create an inner sanctuary

Don’t have any outdoor space? No problem! Instead of cramming too many pots and vases onto your windowsill, use your walls to create a vertical garden. Add pots of flowers to shelves, or invest in a large indoor plant that can sit happily in a corner or by a wall. 

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