What to put in place of your Christmas decorations

From plants to lights and candles, here's how to create some homely magic

What to put in place of your Christmas decorations

From the pretty baubles on your tree to the sparkly red and green wreath on your door, taking down your Christmas decorations come January 5 can leave your home feeling a little bit empty. 

The once festive corner, where your Christmas tree helped create a focal point, and the string of fairy lights that helped brighten up your home, are now dismantled and stashed back in the attic, marking the end of the festive period once and for all. 

But panic not - as there's still a range of ways to help add a touch of winter glamour to your home and make it homely, not lonely, this January. Here's how...


Incorporate trees and plants

Does the corner of your living room look a bit vacant now that the Christmas tree has been taken down? Well, why not swap your evergreen for a large potted plant or a small indoor tree this new year to help fill the void.

From miniature succulents to giant palms and decorative grass pots to artificial flowers, plants can lift the mood of any room and help add a pop of colour and brightness to a small corner. 


Lights are the answer

Fairy lights aren't just for Christmas. The pretty illuminates can add some cosy cheer to your home, whatever time of the year. 

Try arranging some fairy lights in a lantern, wrapping some around your bed frame or even creating a fairy wall to add some warmth and light into your home. 


Place some Mirrors 

With all the shiny surfaces packed away, the Christmas baubles gone and the glittery decorations boxed up until next December, recreate some of the wintery magic with mirrors.

Not only do mirrors, like this long mirror or hexagonal mirror help the room feel bigger and more spacious, but they can help create a focal point and fill a gap where your decorations once were. 


light some candles

Although you might be saving your Christmas scented reed diffusers for next year, that shouldn't stop you from incorporating some wintery candles in your home. 

Transform your living space into a cosy little nook with lots of flickering flames and plenty of tea lights which you could pop into some pretty tealight holders. The more the merrier we say. 


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