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10 affordable and speedy wall art ideas

From precious moments captured on canvas to inspiring quotes and poems that’ll bring your home decor to life.

10 affordable and speedy wall art ideas

If you need creative new ideas for adding wall art to your home, look no further. These are sure to make your house feel far more cosy and catch the eye of any guests that call in!

Who says posters are just for teen bedrooms? Add a sophisticated touch by mounting it in a chic frame

Harness the power of nature

Looking at images of nature has been shown to help people relax and reduce stress levels, so why not bring that into your home? Stunning landscapes, seascapes, stretches of beach or leafy greenery can all help to lift spirits and ease your mind.

Hang your favourite fabrics

From silk scarves to strips of pretty prints, fabric can bring a brilliant new texture to wall art. Stretch it over a canvas board to make hangable fabric-covered panels (you could even make several in varying sizes and create a display of mix-matched shapes and prints), or pop a colourful cutting in a frame and use it as an eye-catching feature piece.

Capture a fun family moment

Swap old fashioned family portraits for an action shot of your family doing something you all love. Whether it’s a shot of you all jumping into the pool on holiday or enjoying a blustery stomp around the park, an image full of life will bring you far more joy.

Frame an iconic poster

Who says posters are just for teen bedrooms? Find an iconic poster you’re drawn to and add a sophisticated touch by mounting it in a chic frame. Plain black borders work well for this, no matter what colour your walls or poster.

Get your favourite place printed on canvas

Whether it’s a place you’ve visited on holiday or a spot where you enjoyed a romantic moment, having a blown-up photograph of a meaningful location hanging on your wall rather than somewhere unknown will make your house feel far more homely.

Frame a wallpaper sample

If that statement wallpaper was a little too much for the whole wall, or perhaps you couldn’t choose between a few options, strike a compromise by framing a small sample or cutting. You could even do this with fancy wrapping paper!

Print a special poem

Whether it’s a classic piece of poetry or just a verse you once saw on a card, get a special verse written out in calligraphy and mount it in a nice frame. It’ll make for a very personal touch and always spark conversation among guests.

Mount your favourite song lyrics

Another one that works well in calligraphy, having the lyrics of a special song (the one that played as the first dance at your wedding for example) written out and framed, will make you smile every time you look at it.

Look to the alphabet

Large letters cut from card or wood are available from most art and craft shops, so grab a few, paint them any colour you like and spell out whatever you want on the walls. It could be as literal as ‘Welcome’ in the hallway, your family’s names in the living room, or even a special message in the bedroom.

Use inspiring quotes

Get your favourite quotes printed on canvas or laid over gorgeous background pictures to make for a piece of wall art that’ll inspire the whole family.

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