The biggest summer trends you need to know about

Pineapples, dinosaurs and flamingos will be filling your home!

The biggest summer trends you need to know about

Summer is the season for fun trends! Think tropical pineapples and flamingos, mythical unicorns and fantastic dinosaurs.

This summer's trends are the total opposite of the pared-back ‘hygge’ or Scandi look

We spoke to interiors expert and George Homes editor Sharon Parsons who gave us the lowdown on this summer's most popular trends...

Sharon says, 'In recent years, the evolvement from ‘pure’ tropical like massive leaves, tribal prints etc. has seen fun elements introduced (such as pineapples, flamingos) which is very much part of the ‘kitsch’ 50s/60s revival – think Palm Beach, cocktails, drinks trolleys and pool parties!'

And for Sharon, these summer trends are all about fun. She says, 'It’s the total opposite to the pared-back ‘hygge’ or Scandi look, and the popularity of these trends is thought to bring with it a fun, glamorous and slightly irreverent feel… a reaction to the current global state and concerns we all share.

'They bring a fun touch to an existing scheme, always gets noticed and lift the mood!'

So to celebrate this summer of fun, we've rounded up a few of our favourite products that all show off the latest trends...

Add a pop of pineapple

The pineapple trend has gone from strength to strength over the past couple of months, appearing as a quirky motif on our clothing (like on this off the shoulder top below) to taking the form of a chopping board, gold vase and an amazing patterned beach towel! And for those that can't get enough of the fruit, there's even a large range of colourful and metallic pineapple ornaments to choose from. 

Sharon says, 'pineapples have a long history of being used in decoration. The ancient meaning isn’t known, but in parts of America’s south it symbolises warmth and welcome -  a reference to the pilgrims that settled there, so they're very fitting for the home!"

Fall in love with flamingos

In reality, you may be in Costa del Surrey but with the injection of some flamingo-inspired homeware, you could help transform your space into a tropical paradise. Ideal for everyday use, this stylish mug adds a fun twist to your kitchen range. Or try creating a tropical haven in your boudoir with this parrot and flamingo print duvet set. Don't forget to inject some personality into your living room with this pink flamingo cushion and steal the show with this statement flamingo jumper

'These became very popular for their shape, brilliant colour and exoticism in the 1950s, a reaction to the austere post-war years', says Sharon. 'They are popular now because of our love for vintage, mid-century style.'

Unicorns are here to stay

From unicorn toast, which helped brighten up our mornings, to unicorn cupcakes and unicorn-inspired chocolate – this trend has swept the nation making its way onto all different types of food products. But it's also started making its way into our homes in the form of this dreamy unicorn and cat-inspired duvet setmagical mug, cute children's rug and bold hooded towel. It looks like there's nothing the unicorn trend can't take on!

A reference to childhood stories and fairy tales, unicorns are believed to have magical powers and bring good luck. 'They are a step on from the Milennials’ ‘My Little Pony’ popularity in their childhood – and therefore comforting and familiar.' says Sharon. 'The unicorn trend is probably also about a need for ‘good, magical’ lucky charms in an uncertain, scary world.'

Display some dinosaurs

''A recent spate of dinosaur movies and apps is thought to be behind the current trend for Jurassic reptiles,' 

Dinosaurs aren't just for kids! Sharon explains, 'it’s not a trend that’s just for kids’ rooms… T Rex and the gang are making inroads in the grown-up rooms, too… Quirky bookends, intricate wallpapers, sculpted pieces or decorative objects in metallic can look surprisingly stylish! 

This pretty floral cushion would help lighten and brighten your living room and this dinosaur duvet set would make a fantastic centrepiece to your bed. And add a pop of colour into a bedroom or living area with this roar-some dinosaur head wall-art and playful rug. 

Feeling inspired to update your home with this year's interiors trends? Make sure you stock up on everything you need at George or pop into your local store