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How to style up your bedroom without redecorating

Bored of your same, tired bedroom set-up? Look no further

How to style up your bedroom without redecorating

That tatty old duvet cover got you feeling down? Is your lighting set-up leaving you feeling faded?

It doesn't have to cost bags of money or effort to give your sleeping space the facelift it needs. With a few instant wins, you can give your bedroom a new lease of life without having to lift a paint brush.

Duvet covers, lamps, quirky ornaments and wall-hangings are brilliant and simple ways to add colour, personality and style to any bedroom. Check out our top-buys below.

Dreamy duvet covers

The centrepiece of any boudoir? The bed, of course.

No need to go all out on an ornate bed frame fit for King Louis XIV - a colourful, quirky or on-trend duvet cover is all you need to inject a little bit of personality to your living space.

Something trendy

This year's hottest home trends are all things angular and marble, so you can't get more on trend than these two duvet sets.

We love the masculine-meets-feminine colour palettes in this geometric duvet set. The minimalist design ticks all the Scandinavian style boxes, while the poly-cotton blend offers a finish that's less likely to crease. Stylish AND convenient? We're sold.

From counter-tops to side tables and light fixtures, we're going mad for marble this year. This reversible, super-soft marble print set offers a touch of elegance and opulence to your sleeping space so you can snooze in style.

Something quirky

If you'd prefer something with a bit more character to add colour to bland, tired spaces, a quirky duvet cover is a brilliant place to start.

These green sheets may look a bit on the prickly side, but they're as soft as can be! This bold, cartoony cacti print is fun and stylish and will add a pop of colour and character to any sleeping quarters.

Maneki neko - translated as 'beckoning cats' - are not only a symbol of luck in Japanese culture, but they're super cute too! If you flip this cherry-blossom and kitty cover set over you'll find an equally adorable sushi print, letting you switch your bedroom décor at the drop of a duvet!

What better place to whisk yourself away to at the end of a long, tiring day than an ornamental Japanese garden? This duvet set printed with koi and waterlilies will have you dreaming about cherry blossom and waterfalls. We can hear the shamisen tinkling gently in the background now…

LAMPS we love

Brighten up gloomy rooms with some fresh and fabulous new lighting. A funky table lamp will not only help to accessorise table tops and surfaces, but it'll also add a warm, comforting glow to your chill-out zone.

Something trendy

We're raving about copper right now. This red-hot trend is super easy to incorporate into any colour-scheme you've already got going on, and will instantly warm up any space. This exposed copper table lamp with minimalist button switch is gorgeously modern and sleek, perfect for dressing tables or as a bed-side lamp.

Or, if you're after something that merges contemporary trends with classic design, this black wire table lamp could be the one for you. The timeless silhouette has been given a 2018 makeover with a geometric wire base. 

Something quirky

Ok, so on they're own they might look a bit bonkers, but when placed in the centre of a drab room, they can work all kinds of magic.

This holographic glass ball lamp will have you seeing stars. No. Really. Perfect for the astronomy-lover in your life, this pretty galaxy-toned globe casts out an other-worldly glow great for winding down come bedtime.

We're obsessed with this Wild West-inspired lamp and shade combo with pompom trim. Add a quirky finish and pop of colour to any room. But watch those fingers..!

And how can we talk about 2018 trends without mentioning at least one unicorn? This majestic table lamp with holographic horn (no, we didn't think we'd ever write that phrase either) is both elegant and gorgeous. Get ready for dreams filled with magic and rainbows…

Faux is fine

Plants are a brilliant way to add life and colour to dull, indoor spaces. And if you're not of the green-fingered persuasion, then faux plants are your new best friend. This faux fern in a copper hanging basket is a brilliant accessory to hang over cabinets, side tables, or chest of drawers to balance out the space. Don't trust your wall-hanging skills? Then this cute mini faux succulent is the one for you!

Revamp with vases

Fill empty-looking surfaces with beautiful pots and vases. Beautiful in their own right as pieces of art, these handy home accessories can also be filled with fresh or faux flowers, or - if you're like us - used as stowaway storage for any odds and ends like pens and hair ties... 

We're loving this yellow floral number which screams of the 70s, this perfectly pink cactus vase, and this rather gorgeous elephant-themed beauty.

Snug as a rug

If you're lucky enough to have lots of space, you might find you're left with gaping gaps of boring floor. So break up your space with a rug or two.

From mini mats to fluffy whole floor coverings, there's a rug out there in every size, colour and style. Compliment earth-toned colour or bohemian décor with jupe or grass matting. A pop-py, geometric rug like this is great for adding colour and fun to kids' and teens' rooms, while a super fluffy and sophisticated faux sheepskin is the perfect addition to the master suite. 

Looking to give your tired bedroom a wake-up call this summer? Make sure to stock up on everything you need to give your space an instant facelift online or pop into your local store.