Last shop before christmas

Things people always forget in their last shop before Christmas

From batteries for the toys to extra chairs for your guests...

Things people always forget in their last shop before Christmas

With many of us juggling work with chores and social obligations, Christmas can be truly chaotic. We wouldn't blame you for letting something slip - especially if you're bravely taking on the gargantuan responsibility of cooking a dinner for the extended family.

If you are hosting this year, compile a to do list that you can work through with military precision. Got those wrapped presents under the tree? Good. Bought the turkey and veg? Excellent. Stocked up the liquor cabinet? 'Course you have. But what about those all-important condiments, crackers or Christmas Day games? Here are seven big-day essentials you don't want to forget...

1. Extra chairs and gifts

If you're worried about being caught out by an impromptu visitor or two, ensure you have a few spare chairs. While you're at it, there's nothing more mortifying than a one-way gift situation. Should your neighbour surprise you with a present, have a nice box of chocolates or bottle of plonk to hand.


2. games

When you've digested your food and had your fill of Christmas telly, it's time to dig out a game that the whole family can get stuck into. Cue 'Speak Out Kids vs Parents' or 'Speak Out Showdown' which are almost guaranteed to raise a laugh. You can't beat the classics like Monopoly, Jenga and Scrabble – and, of course, Twister. Maybe jigsaws are more your jam? We've got that covered, too.

3. Condiments

If ever there was a time to go a bit nuts with the condiments, it's Christmas. If you're preparing dinner for any sort of crowd, you'll want to be armed with enough mustard, cranberry sauce, bread sauce and gravy to satisfy anyone and everyone. If you'd rather try your hand at making cranberry or bread sauce, consult our recipes and make sure you have the ingredients on standby. But it doesn't stop there – Boxing Day requires yet more condiments. A turkey sandwich without the pickles would be a sad affair, indeed. Tangy piccallili, fruity chutney, and vinegary pickled onions will breathe new life into sad leftovers.

4. Crackers

Crackers add a colourful, festive touch to the ol' dinner table. And it wouldn't be Christmas without a bad joke or two, eh? Choose from tartan, gold star or simple red and white designs. 

5. Festive CD mix

A little background music goes a long way in creating a festive atmosphere. Make sure your home is guest-ready with a good compilation of tunes – Now That's What I Call Christmas is the obvious choice if you're after an assortment of festive bangers (Mariah Carey, Wham!, Elvis et al). if Christmas songs make you grimace try True Love Ways by Buddy Holly with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. if you'd prefer something more current, George Ezra's Staying at Tamara's is packed with mellow, feel-good tunes that are cocktail party-appropriate.

6. DVDs

When you're stuffed with food and too exhausted to make conversation, there's nothing like putting your feet up in front of a good movie. A handful of family-friendly DVDs will keep both adults and kids entertained – The Greatest Showman, for example, Sherlock Gnomes or that Christmas favourite, ElfJurassic World: Lost Kingdom will tick the action-movie box, while anyone who missed tv series Bodyguard can gleefully get stuck into the boxset.



7. Batteries

Anyone buying toys for kids this Christmas will know you'll need batteries to avoid any tears or disappointment. Make the sensible call and stock up by choosing some from our range here

Make sure you stock up on all of your Christmas essentials online and in-store