Someone’s finally invented a duvet that makes itself

The dream is real

Someone’s finally invented a duvet that makes itself

Who hasn't watched Mary Poppins and wished they too could just click their fingers and make a room tidy itself? 

Well, that fairytale could be about to come true. 

Someone has invented a bed that actually makes itself, so now all you have to do in the morning is get up and go. 

Introducing Smartduvet described by Canadian inventor Tina Cayouette as 'the world's first, easy, affordable and universal bed making solution.'

Smartduvet won't replace your current bed or bedding - it's actually just a simple, lightweight, inflatable sheet which is placed and secured inside your duvet cover.

The sheet comes with a box that sits on your bedside table. It both provides an air supply and allows the sheet to connect to an app on your phone. 

When you wish to make your bed, you simply press a button on your phone to make the sheet temporarily inflate and move itself back into position. 


You can also pre-set the duvet to make itself at a certain time each day using the app.

While some might argue that getting a duvet that straightens itself out, rather than just fixing it yourself, is really the height of laziness, inventor Tina told the BBC: "Well, it's the same process as people who have automatic blinds. I mean, you have to be pretty lazy to press on a button to open and close your blinds as well.

"But there are a lot more lazy people than we think." 

She added: "I also thought of my uncle who is in a wheelchair and for him making the bed is quite a task. So for anyone who has limited mobility, it will enable them to feel more independence."

If you're tempted, you can see how it all works here:

Smartduvet is currently fundraising via Kickstarter. 

Now if someone could just work out how we can put away our clothes like Mary Poppins, that would be great.