Living room with grey sofa and white bookcase

Simple home style hacks you can try today

From creating the perfect bed to styling a bookcase, make your home look fabulous in minutes

Simple home style hacks you can try today

Let's face it – we'd all love a designer home. But did you know you can add a touch of elegance to any home in an instant with just a few simple product choices? Jazz up your interiors with these genius decor ideas and watch as your rooms transform before your eyes...

How to... style your bed like a top hotel

Coco Chanel famously lived in her own suite at the Ritz, but why splash out when you can enjoy some luxury hotel vibes at home? Make bedtime five-star fabulous with our easy tips and you'll soon be thinking, 'Coco who?'

1. Layer light summer throws on crisp ironed linen to get that new and fresh look and feel. Go for soft sophisticated colours such as duck-egg and silver, and even throw in some zingy yellows, greens and blues to bring summer home. If you opt for floral, it doesn't have to be overtly feminine. Instead go for graphic patterns in soft pastels or rustic reds to give any bedroom an instant style update.

2. Don’t forget to play with textures – nothing says snuggle down like velvet or satin. Can't afford it? Don't worry; you can fake it 'til you make it with faux versions.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of detailing. Be it tassels, buttons, or metallic detailing, think subtle additions to really add that va va voom!

4. We spend roughly a third of our lives in bed, so why skimp on comfort? Elevate your duvet to princess-worthy event with some goose feathers. You'll never look back. 

5. Finally, well-plumped pillows are a must, as are scatter cushions, and for a relaxing (and romantic) atmosphere, soft lighting is key. 


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How to... style a bookcase

Every home needs a bookcase, but it's what you do with your bookcase that counts. Did you know that you can easily amplify your living space by mixing up your storage choices? Give your paperbacks some stylish new neighbours with these simple updates...

1. Horizontal boxes and baskets create a great contrast to vertical books, or simply stack a few hardbacks lying flat.

2. Go off the beaten track with floating shelves, grid-style bookcases or even wall boxes to add a little something extra to your living space.

3. Introduce pace to a grid-style bookcase by leaving a few compartments empty, except for a vase, striking ornament or graphic letter to draw the eye.

4. Vary the heights of your books and try to mix neutral spines in with colourful ones. 

5. You can’t go wrong with a statement clock ­– there's one to suit every personality and style. Go for Roman numerals or large ornate faces to make it stand out on any bookshelf.


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How to... create a picture wall

Picture frames can do more than just show off your memories; in fact, they can also be a great way to show off your interior style. For the ultimate statement, create your own picture wall – think artfully arranged frames in a cohesive pattern. The type of frames you choose and how you arrange them is up to you, but follow our simple tips for starters...

1. Use bigger frames to create a focal point, then build your wow-factor display using smaller pictures and contrasting shapes. 

2. Before you get all drill-happy and put holes in the wrong place, cut paper templates the same size as your frames and arrange on the wall using Blu Tack.

3. For an artsy staircase, measure the space between the bottom corner of each frame and the stair rail, so that your picture ‘ladder’ is at the same angle all the way up.

4. Give a photo shelf impact by alternating the height of the pictures. You can even try overlapping frames to create depth.  

5. Choose frames that accentuate and compliment your interior theme. Rustic wood will look great in country farmhouses, while a more ornate baroque style could be used to elevate a simple room. Like it classic? Go monochrome – but most of all, don't be afraid to experiment with different looks in different rooms.


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