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How to kit out your student room

Make your uni digs the perfect base to let your creative juices flow

How to kit out your student room

Heading off to university is a big step in anyone's life - and preparing to move into student digs can be exciting and daunting at the same time. 

Making your own room a little haven that’s homely, comfortable and practical is so important. And with some clever hacks, you can easily transform that little dorm room into a multi-use space for sleeping, studying and entertaining your new friends.

If you're heading off to uni this September, here are some quick, clever and cheap ideas to turn your student room into a sleek and stylish boudoir. 

1. Turn your bed into a sofa

Not many people are lucky enough to have a sofa in their uni room. But don't stress -  why not try turning your bed into both?

By day, load your bed with colourful throws and cushions along the wall - perfect for kicking back and streaming films with friends, while the throw will protect your duvet from dirt and crumbs. Then by night, move the pillows all up to one end and partner with a colour co-ordinated duvet for a stylish look.

2. Make it cosy

Just because you might have a small room doesn't mean you can't make it homely. A rug will make the space feel more comfortable and lived in, and is perfect when there are more friends than seating options in the room. What's more, if you've got a spare corner you could invest in a pouffe or floorseat to help add a pop of colour and provide another place to sit. 

3. Let there be light

Lamps and lights can help make any room feel warm and cosy. If you don’t have surface space for table lamps, choose floor designs instead.

Soft, yellow-toned bulbs will offer a warm and cosy feel that'll battle the harsh, insitutional lighting you'll find in most dorm rooms. Don’t forget fairy lights, too! Strung across the ceiling, looped over the beds and mirrors, or piled up in a glass vase, they’ll add instant twinkling ambience.

Or, if you want to amp up the atmosphere, check out our stunning range of neon decorative lighting, perfect for adding a pinch of personality to your space.

4. add some greenery

Outdoor space is another luxury at uni, so introduce some foliage into your room to bring the outdoors inside. If you doubt your green-fingered skills, go for a couple of faux plants or flowers instead.


University rooms, especially in the first year, are often not well equipped with storage. If you do need extra furniture, make sure you invest in "smart pieces".

Foldable boxes are much easier to flatten and store than holdalls and suitcases. They easily snap back into shape when it comes to packing up at the end of term, too. Want something you can use all term long? Plastic-lidded storage boxes that come with wheels are ideal for keeping under the bed and out of sight for all your out-of-season clothes, wires and lecture notes.

Feeling inspired to decorate your university room? Make sure you stock up on everything you need at George or pop into your local store