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Are you a sleek minimalist or a free spirit? Here’s Five Home accessories to suit every personality

How to adapt this season’s on-trend home accessories to suit your personal style.

Are you a sleek minimalist or a free spirit? Here’s Five Home accessories to suit every personality

We are all different, and while there’s plenty out there to tell us what’s hot right now, rarely does anyone take into account our individual preferences. Just as one size does not fit all, your interior style is something that is personal to you. But now, thanks to our guide, it’s easier than you think to learn how to transform this season’s hottest trends into your favourite interior accessories.

Whether you like them practical or just for show, cushions are very easy to personalise.

The Accessory: Nature-themed cushions

Whether you like them practical or just for show, cushions are very easy to personalise. While nature prints are on-trend for spring/summer, you can still channel animal designs no matter what time of the year.

How to adapt it: There are infinite style possibilities with this trend. For example, if you love birds and decorative styles you could choose this Swallow Watercolour Cushion from George Home, or for a more traditional approach, follow your inner sailor with this Super Soft Printed Heron Cushion would look great on any couch. For something more eye-catching and exotic, go for something bright like this colourful Toucan Spot Cushion.

We Love: These hipster Pirate Cat and Admiral Dog cushions will be the envy of all your friends.

The Accessory: Check throws

Throws can be used for just about anything, from picnic blankets to snuggles with the family on the sofa. This month update your throws by jumping on board with the check trend. Although currently in season for Burns night, we think everyone should have some check in their home as it’s timeless and looks great all year round.

How to adapt it: Make two key choices – fabric and colour – so you’ve got something that instantly suits your tastes. For example, this classic Faux Mohair Woven Check Throw from George Home comes in three different colours, duck egg, pink and red.

We love: This Green Woven Check Throw would look great with almost any colour scheme.

The Accessory: Candles in a jar

Colourful candles can brighten any home, while the scented variety can be one of the most important accessories you’ll purchase and will become your home’s signature fragrance. Candles in a jar look sophisticated and are practical to boot, as they are easy to store.

How to adapt it: How you display them and the scent you choose are key indicators of your personal style. For classic chic, why not pair George Home Sweet Vanilla candles with a rustic wooden candleholder, or if you prefer more of floral styles, choosing Wax Lyrical’s Candle Jar in Lavender alongside fresh flowers will keep your home smelling beautiful. More of a foodie? Yankee Candle Simply Home Blueberry Cheesecake will leave the aroma of delicious desserts for days after you’ve baked. Yum!

We love: Jelly Bean’s candles in jars – they’ve got lots of unusual flavours such as this Bubblegum offering.

The Accessory: Multi-Aperture Photo Frames

Most of us have favourite memories with friends or family that we want to display around the house, but how you display them can add or detract from your overall interior. Don’t just put them in any old frame – use this as the chance to showcase your personality. Whether it’s minimalist, vintage, sentimental or social, there will be a frame to suit you. Mounted on a wall or a dresser, multi aperture frames are a great statement centerpiece allowing you to be chic while also displaying multiple memories at once.

How to adapt it: Choose the frame itself carefully, while also giving thought to how you are going to display it. For instance, this Vintage 7 Multi-Aperture Photo Frame might look great positioned on an old-fashioned kitchen dresser, while this simple Black Multi Aperture Frame on a plain white wall is full of minimalist appeal.

We Love: A text frame such as this Live Laugh Love offering is great to show what priorities matter in your life.

The Accessory: Storage boxes

Storage boxes are the must have accessory for any busy home, helping to keep it tidy and organised at all times.

How to adapt it: It’s important to look at the furniture you already have and choose something that fits in with your general theme. In particular be sure to think about the base and design you are drawn to and whether your overall look is centred around wood, patterned or plastic materials. Simple, clear plastic drawer units are great for a minimalist bedroom such as this 3 Drawer Unit; while a vintage junkie might decide to deck out their kitchen with these Wire Baskets.

We love: For someone who’s looking to make a statement, these Be Happy boxes will hit the spot.