James Hance star wars winnie the pooh chewie in garden

Star Wars meets Winnie The Pooh in brilliant illustration mash-up

Winnie-the-Wookie? Pooh Bear the Stormtrooper? You have to see these fantastic Star Wars meets Winnie The Pooh illustrations by James Hance.

Star Wars meets Winnie The Pooh in brilliant illustration mash-up

British artist James Hance has won warm praise from Star Wars fans and Winnie The Pooh lovers alike, after his beautiful sketches of the movie and storybook characters reimagined have gone viral.

Sparked by Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, who shared one of James’ images on Twitter, the artist’s entire back catalogue of Star Wars themed illustrations is now sweeping the internet.

There’s Pooh Bear himself reimagined as Wookie hero Chewbacca, Christopher Robin as Chrisolo, Winnie-the-Wookie lending R2D2 a red scarf, and perhaps our favourite, Pooh with a Stormtrooper helmet stuck on his head (instead of his much-loved honey pots).

Discussing his work on Twitter, James revealed that his most recent illustrations have of course been inspired by the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens film - with some even being produced the night before he saw it.

Intrigued by the Star Wars/Winnie The Pooh mash-up? Take a look at some of James’ best illustrations below, which he also sells via online craft marketplace Etsy...

'A Most Bold Adventure'

'Droidlet Has A Message - From A Princess!'

'Promise You'll Come Back?'

'Who's Scruffy Lookin'?'

'Oh, Bother'

'There You Are!'

'Chrisolo & Chew'

'There's One On My Tail!'

All illustrations courtesy of James Hance via Etsy, see more at jameshance.co.uk