Your SOS Kitchen Survival Kit

You don't need a million kitchen gadgets - just the essentials!

Your SOS Kitchen Survival Kit

One of the most exciting things about heading off to university is the freedom and independence that comes with living away from home. Students might not miss squabbling with siblings over who gets to use the shower first or having to tidy their rooms when they don't want to, but they're sure to miss all those home cooked meals (perhaps not at first but takeaways will get boring eventually!). 

Here's a handy list of kitchen essentials for those late night pasta dinners, early morning caffeine hits and all the meals in between

Whether students are sharing a kitchen in halls or moving into their very first flat with mates, here's a handy list of kitchen essentials for those late night pasta dinners, early morning caffeine hits and all the meals in between. In this clever guide, we've rounded up some obvious contenders, like mugs for tea and a can opener for all those tins of beans, plus a few items that you don't think that you'll really need but will definitely come in handy, like an ice cream scoop and placemats Discover 12 kitchen essentials for students below. 

Mug stack

Chances are that your new kitchen will be on the smaller side, so save space with this pretty mug stack. The different Scandi-inspired geo prints mean that you'll have no trouble remember which cup was yours if you put it down! 

Dinner set

Brighten up a dreary kitchen with some colourful plates and bowls. With four dinner plates, four smaller plates and four bowls, you'll have everything you need to dish up a feast with new friends – try this quick and easy no-knead sour-dough pizza recipe that's a real crowd-pleaser.

Chopping board

Here's a handy tip – get two chopping boards and use one for meats and the other for fresh produce like bread and veggies. And these wooden ones are especially useful as they can double up as serving platters for parties!

Can opener 

A sturdy can opener is an absolute must-have kitchen tool, but don't limit yourself to only eating beans on toast all year. Try this jacket potatoes with cheat's Boston baked beans recipe or this aubergine stuffed with beans and cheese instead. 

George Home Fast Boil Kettle 

Got an early morning lecture? You'll need a strong cuppa to wake you up. The George Home Fast Boil Kettle was awarded a Which? Best Buy and comes with a rapid boil function so that you can get your hot drink in a flash (no excuses for coming late to class then!). 

Food storers

Sticking to a student budget can be difficult so make sure that no food goes to waste with these handy food storage containers. They're perfect for storing last night's dinner for today's lunch. 

Ice cream scoop

Late night study sessions will be so much more fun with an ice cream sundae party! Use this ice cream scoop to dish up creamy goodness that will give you the energy you need to keep studying. Don't have any ice cream in the freezer? Try this easy banana ice cream recipe that only needs four ingredients! 

Set of pots

Pastas, soups, curries - these are are the staple meals of uni living so every student needs at least one cooking pot, or better yet - three! Check out this fetching set of pots here. 

Tea towels

Along with that newfound independence comes responsibility, like keeping your kitchen space nice and tidy! These tea towels are perfect for soaking up spills, drying dishes or removing hot pans from the oven. 

Placemats and coasters

Alright, so it's not exactly a kitchen essential but if you want to get your rent deposit back then it's a good idea to keep cooking stains and mug marks down to a minimum - these placemats and coasters should do the trick. 

Measuring cups

Friends birthday coming up? Surprise them with a homemade cake (psst... it's needn't be difficult - try this sponge cake recipe) using these measuring cups. Here's a handy tip - coat measuring cups with a bit of oil to make sure sticky liquids like honey slide right off. Discover more genius cooking hacks here. 

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