Different types of light

Switch it up! How to illuminate your home this autumn

Set the tone with on-trend lighting that won't break the bank

Switch it up! How to illuminate your home this autumn

As the nights start to draw in and the days get darker, your choice of lighting is key. Uplight, downlight, task light, spotlight – the options are endless - and the great thing is stylish, affordable and modern lighting is easy to come by. 

Consider layering combinations of different lighting, just as you would blankets and cushions, to add depth and dimension to a room.

Table lamps and floor lamps are simple additions to any room that can create a cosy and snug atmosphere. They are an easy way to transform your home, making it warm and inviting, whilst softly brightening up dark corners and defining a particular space or functional area. They're also a great way to show off your furnishings and work well to lighten dark furniture.

Corner lamps are also very versatile – they will make your space appear bigger as they draw the eye into the corner of the room. They can replace main ceiling lighting during the evenings, and can be easily moved to a different spot if needed. 

Even changing your lamp shade can have an effect on the ambience of a room. Choosing fabric lamp shades that hide the light bulb are the best options for creating that a relaxing atmosphere. Lighter fabrics are better for soft lighting, as they diffuse the glow around a room much better than darker fabrics.

It's also worth considering the light bulbs themselves – choosing a low wattage light bulb will provide a gentler glow than more powerful bulbs.

So whether you’re relaxing after work or entertaining friends, try combining a few of these gorgeous lights together to find the perfect modern lighting for your home.

1. Ceramic house table lamp

Inspired by a Dutch townhouse, with the light shining through its windows, this lamp is discreet but full of character.

Best for: The mantelpiece.

2. Knit-effect table lamp

A knit-patterned effect means this lamp will create an extra-cosy glow – and it makes an impressive addition to a cool monochrome theme.

Best for: Giving your living room a chic edge.

3. Large wood lantern lamp

Ditch candles and set the mood with this rope-handled lantern. Add an antique-effect bulb to maximise the vintage look.

Best for: Adding a nautical touch to a room.

4. Navy ombre table lamp

With its stunning colour fade-out glass base, this elegant lamp makes the ultimate centrepiece.

Best for: A coffee table or side table.

5. Tripod lamp

Pretty and practical, this lamp has a sturdy circular base that's not only eye-catching but keeps it firmly in place – wherever you decide to put it!

Best for: Brightening up your study or chill-out zone.

6. Brushed chrome spot floor lamp

Brighten up gloomy nooks and crannies in any room with this tall, versatile design – or place behind your favourite armchair for a spot of relaxed night-time reading.

Best for: Lighting up dark corners.

7. Three-light grey pendant

For strong overhead lighting, make a standout feature of this contemporary pendant. Its Scandi-inspired look is simple, neutral and bang on trend.

Best for: Creating drama in a kitchen or dining room.

8. Wood-effect bird shade

Stunning by day and even more so by night, when the silhouette of roosting birds are super defined. 'Cheep' and cheerful!

Best for: The bedroom of any true nature lover.

9. Porcelain fox table lamp

Is your little one scared of the dark? Introduce them to this friendly fox that gives off a reassuring, subtle glow – and is a cute ornament, too.

Best for: Kids' night light.

10. Blue desk lamp

The spotlight's on you (and your kids' homework) thanks to this industrial lamp. Pop it on your desk and point in the right direction. Studying has never been cooler.

Best for: Dimly-lit work spaces.