How to give your home a retro makeover

5 easy ways to add a touch of nostalgia to your living space

How to give your home a retro makeover

Trends may come and go, but retro never gets old. Just as we're harking back to the fashion of the Seventies and Eighties (think floaty florals, bright prints and sheepskin coats), even our home style is getting a welcome dose of nostalgia. Thankfully, retro home décor is much easier to achieve than over-the-top 80s hair! 

Those who grew up in the free spirited 70s or bubble-gum coloured 80s will especially love adding some throw-back accessories to their living spaces

While those who grew up in the free spirited 70s or bubble-gum-hued 80s will especially love adding some throwback accessories to their living spaces, retro home décor can be a fabulously fun addition for all tastes and in any home. From novelty lighting and iconic characters to nostalgic cartoons and vibrant colourways, these blast-from-the-past accessories and ideas will instantly brighten your home and most importantly, add a hint of fun. And with the holiday season nearly upon us, it's the perfect opportunity to give a game-loving friend or comic fanatic a retro piece you know they'll love, too.

Are you ready for a trip down memory lane? Check out 5 funky ways to add some retro home décor to your living space.

Novelty Lighting

Add some retro shine to your bedroom or office with a striking light fixture or lamp. This old-school Super Mario question block light is the perfect gift for gamers. With a pixelated design, just like the original 2d games, the light also features sounds from the game so you can really travel back in time while brightening up your bedroom! With its handy touch on/off feature, simply press down on the Question Block to activate. 

Or for those with a playful side, our Scrabble light features a string of 10 lights shaped like large Scrabble tiles, with 60 re-usable letter stickers to mix and match for your favourite words or phrases. How about an illuminated 'I Love You' or spelling out your name? 

Is there any toy more fabulously retro than the Rubik's Cube? See how fast you can solve this bright desk light that you can twist and turn - just like the real thing! Winner of the coveted Gift of the Year 2015 award, this innovative light is fully rechargeable and allows two hours of playing time once it's fully charged.

Pops of colour

When it comes to interior design, every decade seems to have a defining colour - for better or for worse! But there's no need to decorate your living room in top-to-bottom orange and brown for a 70s-inspired look, or pastels and chintz for an 80s throwback. Instead, give a nod to the trends of yesteryear by incorporating pops of colour and tempered shades to your home. A few bright orange cushions, for example, can really brighten up a room while a flowery lampshade can look beautifully vintage. 


It's one of the most iconic video games of all time, so why not use the famous arcade symbol to add a touch of retro cool to your home? This Pac-man Ghost Light changes colour depending on what mood you want - including a party mode that allows the light to change colour in time to music. Looking for a quirky gift for a video game fan? This brilliant Pac-man cushion is fun and fabulously retro - add the matching bedding for the complete set! 


It's fun to stay on top of trends but that doesn't mean you have to be a slave to them. Pick and choose the looks you love from past and present to create your very own beautifully-designed home. By taking inspiration from previous decades, you can pick the trends you veer towards (like 70s style geometric prints or this year's Danish hygge movement) and leave the ones you don't (waterbeds, anyone?!), for a unique and stylish living space. 

Nostalgic cartoons

Superheroes of all ages will love this awesome The Hulk and Iron Man cushion with its bold, reversible design, while Avengers fans can go to sleep dreaming of their favourite characters each night with this Marvel duvet set. Remember My Little Pony? Take a trip down memory lane with this retro My Little Pony duvet set, or snuggle up with our fabulous, reversible Carebears bedding that's made up of an array of bubble gum colours.

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