Vinyl is making a comeback - and you can buy them in Asda!

From Bowie to Fleetwood Mac and Ed Sheeran, check out the collection...

Vinyl is making a comeback - and you can buy them in Asda!

Vinyl records have made an unexpected comeback – and it looks as though they're here to stay. 

Spending on vinyl has even outstripped that spent on digital downloads

With the trend towards nostlagia and owning a high quality product, vinyl record sales have overtaken digital downloads for the first time with 3.2 million sold last year. Vanessa Higgins of BPI Council explained to The Guardian, “People think millennials just stream but I think we are going to see increasingly over this coming year that young people still want something tangible and real and that’s where vinyl is taking on the role that the CD used to have.”

According to The Guardian, vinyl sales were up by 53% on 2015, and spending on vinyl has even outstripped that spent on digital downloads. And it's not slowing down anytime soon. According to Forbes, vinyl records are projected to sell 40 million LPs this year, with sales nearing the £1 billion benchmark for the first time this millennium.

Which vinyls can you find in Asda?

With this surge in demand for vinyl, ASDA is introducing a vinyl range covering bestselling classic albums by the likes of David Bowie, The Smiths and Fleetwood Mac, as well as new artists such as Ed Sheeran. The records will be introduced to 36 ASDA stores* across the country.

Aside from numerous compilations of popular music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, as well as greatest soul, rock and reggae hits, and popular indie anthems, these are some of the iconic records due to hit our stores...

Prince – Purple Rain 

It was the summer of '84 when Prince released his album, Purple Rain and it spent 24 weeks at Number 1 on the Billboard charts. But surprisingly, the title track that we all know and love, only hit Number 2.

David Bowie – Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory was Bowie's fourth studio album and was named as one of the top 100 albums of all times, according to Time magazine. And with tunes such as Changes and Life On Mars?, we can certainly see why. 

The Eagles – Hotel California

Hotel California drew heroic sales figures (and later went on to be one of the best-selling albums of all time). It also helped to cement the five-piece band's shift from laid-back country to major players in the rock & roll game.

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

Rock band Fleetwood Mac are known for being perfectionists. Case in point: Whilst recording Never Going Back Again, Lindsey Buckingham's acoustic guitar was restrung every 20 minutes to get the best sound! We can't list all the amazing hits on this album because there are too many (Go Your Own Way, The Chain...), but we'll just say you NEED this record in your life.

Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

The second and last ever studio album that Amy would record in her lifetime was actually road tested in her Dad's cab. "She was very much in control, and she was a perfectionist, redoing phrases and even words to the nth degree," Mitch Winehouse wrote in Amy, My Daughter. "When she wanted to listen to what she'd sung she'd get them to put it on a CD then play it in my taxi outside, because she wanted to know how most people would hear her music, which would not be through professional studio systems."

Nirvana – Nevermind

The album cover was inspired by Kurt Cobain's interest in water births. After watching a documentary on water births, Cobain wanted to feature a picture of a water birth on the cover, though it was deemed too graphic by the record label. So instead they went to a pool for babies with photographer Kirk Weddle, who captured a shot of his friend's son swimming toward towards a dollar bill on a hook. 

Ed Sheeran – ÷ 

Ed's third album was released at the beginning of this year, much to fan's surprise after he took a year out of the music game to travel the world and 'see everything he’s missed’. The 16-track album includes songs like Shape of You, Erase and Castle on the Hill but one more track could have also featured on the album. Love Yourself, which features on Justin Bieber's album, was originally going to end up on Divide, but the 25-year-old ended up giving it to the pop star. 

Make sure you check out our list of stores where vinyl will be stocked*. For our full music collection, head online

*Aberdeen City, Aintree, Bedminster, Brighton Hollingbury, Burnden Park, Dundee – Milton, Eastbourne, Folkestone, Halifax, Hartlepool, Leckwith Road, Leigh, Morley, Small Heath, Colchester, Hatfield, Ipswich, Isle of Dogs, Ayr, Cwmbran, Dewsbury, Hereford, Llandudno, Mansfield, Perth, Portsmouth, Runcorn, Sunderland , Thurmaston, Bolton, Broadstairs, Newtonards, Bearsden, Cumbernauld, Elgin, Gloucester, Huyton and Tamworth.