Black dining table with purple flowers and tableware

Our favourite accessories to dress your dining room table

Making your dining room table stand out doesn't have to be hard with our 5 must-have accessories

Our favourite accessories to dress your dining room table

1.    Centrepiece

First things first: anyone who knows anything about interiors will know how important a centrepiece is. Your dining room table should have a central focus to unite the theme of your room.

Bring unity to your table by placing a large metallic or decorative plate in the centre

Not only will it catch everyone’s attention, but this is a chance for you to show off your personal style. It could be anything from a carefully chosen ornament to seasonal produce such as fruit in an eye-catching glass bowl or fresh foliage arranged in a vase.

Stuck for ideas? Take inspiration from your surroundings or hobbies. For a country house you might choose this white floral stag head ornament, for springtime this bronze hare statue, or if you love traditional accessories, a bust such as this ceramic one might make a simple addition.

Finally, bring unity to your table by placing a large metallic or decorative plate in the centre. You can then place your chosen centrepiece on it, along with anything else you might fancy.

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2.  Flowers

Flowers are the easiest addition for any dining room table, and can be easily customised depending on the event in question; something formal or just a low-key family dinner. Think about choosing flowers based on your colour scheme or make a bold statement by using flowers in the same block colour as the rest of your room.

Can’t always get your hands on fresh flowers? Artificial arrangements are so life-like these days, no one can tell the difference!

Try these very convincing faux flower ornaments from George Home, then you can whip one out at a moment’s notice to decorate your table.

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Remember: Everything doesn’t have to match. Don’t be afraid to mix styles to achieve something personal to you. Just remember to unify your look with an underlying colour scheme or motif.

3.  Lighting

The perfect accessory for small spaces, your choice of lighting can really have an effect on the appearance of your table. There are two main ways to get that covetable wow factor: Decorate your table with a group of tea light candles or go for a bold overhead ceiling light like this Antique Brass Orb Chandelier. It doesn’t have to be expensive. If chandelier styles aren’t for you, a large or unusual paper lantern can be just as striking.

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4.  Coverage

While table runners look stylish, family life can get messy and sometimes it can seem like spills and slips are daily occurrences! It’s important to choose items that work for your family and if that’s something wipe-clean, then so be it! If you do choose a runner, think about combining it with a matching table cloth and placemat - that way the table is protected. Always go for easily washable fabrics, darker colours and printed items to hide marks.

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Remember: Consider the importance of a colour scheme when making your choices, and don’t be afraid to try something unusual. Bright colours such as red and orange can add energy to your space, just as gold accessories can dress up simple or casual decor.

5.  Something unusual

The aim of a great dining room table is to impress, and what better way than to give guests something to talk about? Try something unusual such as a family heirloom or snap up these Vintage Cheese Plates, or Glazed Stoneware Coasters from George - they’re bound to prompt a compliment or two!

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Have an unusual centerpiece or great accessory idea to tell us? Don’t forget to share your dining room table ideas with us in the comments box below.