The Genius Household Item That Removes Make-Up Stains From Clothing

This is a serious game-changer!

The Genius Household Item That Removes Make-Up Stains From Clothing

Is there anything more annoying than pulling a beautiful, white shirt over your head only to see foundation marks all around the collar? Alright, so perhaps that's not the most annoying thing in the world but it's certainly irritating. Getting those make-up stains out of white clothing or bed sheets is no easy task - until now. Turns out that the key to how to get foundation out of clothes lies with a simple bathroom product that you probably already have in the shower - shaving cream!

That's right, shaving cream isn’t just for, well, shaving. This foamy product is great at breaking down stubborn stains - especially those pesky foundation marks. All you have to do is let the cream soak into the stain and then wash away with water - it's that simple! Watch as beauty YouTuber, Kalei Lagunero, shows off this clever hack for how to get foundation out of clothes using shaving cream. 

First Kalei rubs some foundation from her hand on to a clean, white t-shirt (don’t worry, it WILL come off!). Next, she applies a little bit of Gillette shaving cream to the stain - however she mentions that any brand of shaving cream should work. After letting the gel soak into the stain for a few minutes, Kalei rubs it into the foundation mark further and then rinses with cold water. She then repeats the entire routine with warm water, and voila - stain gone. It's basically magic! 

Say goodbye to foundation stains with this genius hack! Stock up on shaving cream for your legs and your laundry at Asda.