How to transform your small outdoor space

Six instant wins to summer up any balcony or garden

How to transform your small outdoor space

Summer's coming. We can smell it in the air. 

But don't think you have to have a massive garden to enjoy some sun. It doesn't matter how small your garden or balcony is, there's no nicer time to be outdoors. 

Try these easy garden projects and design ideas to turn your alfresco space into a lovely, summery haven. 

Go vintage

Sit back, relax, and soak up the sunshine this summer with one of our vintage table and chair sets (pictured below). Save space by choosing a two-set chair and bistro table. Accessorise with antique-style glass vases or empty milk bottles to show off your freshly cut flowers. Perfect for enjoying a morning coffee or even some sunset cocktails. 

Upcycle jam jars

Even the smallest balcony can be brightened up with tea lights nestled in an old jam jar. Not only do they look rather lovely, but they also work well on a practical level as the jar shields the flame from any breeze and they can be hung on a wall, rather than taking up space on the ground. We love these rustic George Home Jam Jar Lights; they look just like fireflies.

Build a flower tower

How cool is this small garden DIY project! Stock up on plant pots and seeds and give it a go. To make it, make sure you have three of the smallest sized pot. In the larger and middle sized pots, add a small amount of soil in the bottom, and place a small pot (open side down) in the pot which will create a stable surface on which to add your next layer of pot. 

Get the kids involved

Hang on - what's that lurking in the rockery!? ROAR. Create your own prehistoric pot by adding some toy dinosaurs among your plants. It's a great way of instantly getting little 'uns interested in gardening.   

Make a herb garden

An old pallet transforms into a great herb garden. This idea is perfect for small spaces as you can plant a variety of different herbs in a confined and controlled way. From mint to coriander and parsley too - make your herb are something to be proud of!

Add colour with a deck chair

You can't have a British summer without a deck chair. This on trend botanical design deck chair rocks any garden, bringing a pop of colour and character to any outdoor space. Sit back and relax with a book or just soak up the rays!

Feeling suitably inspired to get your outdoors looking summery? Check out our great gardening products online and at your local store