Get on board the mythical creature trend

Unicorns, mermaids and other legendary beasties we just can't get enough of

Get on board the mythical creature trend

Do you love unicorns? Are you over 12? Yup, us too. 

2017 is all about mythical creatures. They're appearing everywhere. From duvet prints to latte art, there's no escaping mermaids, unicorns and other wee beasties that don't really exist. 

So if you can't beat them - join them. Get involved with this legendary trend with these magical musts...  


Dream of mermaids

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a mermaid? Us too! Dive into this gorgeously soft duvet set designed with an array of swimming mermaids against an aqua blue backdrop or flip the duvet over for an all blue arrangement you’ll love.

Share your bed with kittycorns

Is it a unicorn? Is it a kitten? NO - it's a KITTYCORN! Taking mythical creatures to a whole new level, there is no way you won't get a good night's sleep underneath this magical kittycorn duvet set

Make a mythical brew

There's only one way to start the day - by drinking out of this amazing unicorn mug. Your tea will taste of ethereal blessings beyond the realm and you will instantly be blessed with magical powers to ward off goblins and sea monsters*.      


Walk in the footsteps of dragons


Forget daring princes and beautiful princesses, these slippers celebrate the most dangerous fairytale creature of all - dragons! Dare you slip your feet in these snarling beasts and walk around your home with nice snug feet? Dragon mouth slippers are only for the brave. 

Look like a mermaid

Don't have a big, scaly tail? Never mind, there's still ways to alter your style to get the mermaid look. And vibrant turquoise hair dye is a very good place to start.

To finish off your mermaid look. slip into your knitted tail and enjoy lounging. Walking isn't an easy task once you have your tail on, but this is an excellent excuse to stay in a comfortable vertical position. Available in store

Go gnome

Forget tasteful trellises and subtle water features, gnomes are what the world wants and we’ve got the figures to prove it. Asda have sold 92,000 already just this year! And there's a twist on the traditional, people seem to be loving the new trend for the more modern gnome

Feeling in the mood for more mythical magic? Explore our range of unicorn and mermaid range online or in your local Asda store