Who knew? Rhubarb is a bonafide cleaning ingredient

Put down the fairy liquid - this new cleaning hack uses rhubarb to get sparkling results

Who knew? Rhubarb is a bonafide cleaning ingredient

Is that pan from Sunday lunch still 'soaking' beside the sink? Or have you made some caramel or jam and burnt the bottom of your pan?

Well never fear washer uppers because an old tradition is making its way back into households to help us make our pans spick and span again.

And it uses rhubarb, that's right, rhubarb!

Scrub up

If you thought rhubarb's uses were limited to baking, you were wrong: according to new research by Marigold, it is also a very effective cleaning product.

Dating from the 1940s, housewives used this trick to scour their pans, as it is particularly effective at removing burn marks. Marigold say: 'To clean a burnt pan, chop some rhubarb into small pieces and boil it in the pot for at least 10 minutes until you get a glue-like consistency. Rinse with clean water and voilà – admire the results.'

Dessert time 

And if you've gone to the trouble of buying some delicious rhubarb, you may as well create something tasty with the rest, whether that be a jam, crumble, cake, ice cream or trifle. Prime rhubarb season runs from April to June, so grab a bunch next time you're at the shops. 

If you're not a fan of rhubarb and want to stick to more conventional cleaning methods, try a simple scourer and a good washing up liquid instead.

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