Beauty jargon: what it means and how you can use it

You've heard of contouring, but what about strobing, or garage doors for that matter? We have the 411 on the jargon you need to know

Beauty jargon: what it means and how you can use it

You may have heard words being bandied around in the beauty industry without having a clue what they mean - we're often told we need BB or CC creams, but what do they do?

Joanne Dodds from has stepped in to separate fact from fiction.


Bear with us - this technique is a softer version of contouring, popular with Kim Kardashian. Instead of using dark powder the goal is to find light through 'strobing'.


Another word for highlighting, this is basically adding light-reflecting makeup to parts of your face to create a dewy finish. Apply this kind of makeup to the top of cheekbones, under the eyebrows, along the bridge of your nose and the Cupid’s bow. 

Cut crease

A cut crease is achieved by adding a line of a dark eye shadow just above your eyelid crease, to define the eye, which is blended out and softened with other shadow shades.


This is using different face masks for different parts of your face - for example, applying a clay mask to the oily areas and a hydrating one to dry areas.


'Baking' is achieved through layering translucent powder over foundation and concealer for a few minutes, allowing the heat from your skin to 'melt' the powder before you dust if off. This creates a flawless finish. 

Garage doors

A popular 80's look, 'garage doors' refers to wearing a single shade of eye shadow all over your eye.

Ring light

A beautuy vlogger's must-have, this is just a light that's in the shape of a ring. These cast a flattering glow so are a staple for those selfie-addicts.

BB and CC cream

BB cream is like a supercharged foundation - lighter in texture, it provides benefits like SPF and anti-oxidants. In fact, BB creams usually contain SPF, moisturiser, primer, serum and foundation, a great all-in-one skin saviour.

CC cream stands for 'colour corrector', and has more coverage and SPF than a BB cream - this is best for concealing redness or general tiredness.

Tightline and waterline

These refer to eye liner application. The waterline is your lower lash line, where you usually apply kohl liner. Tightlining is when you apply kohl liner to both your lower and upper lash lines.


You may have heard this one before, which is when your lipstick smudges onto the outside of your lips - easily preventable with a good lip liner.

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