Ponytail hair ideas

7 simple ways to revamp your ponytail

Speedy ideas to update everyone’s favourite hairstyle.

7 simple ways to revamp your ponytail

When it comes to quick hairstyles that work just as well on bouncy freshly washed locks as they do on bad hair days, the ponytail rules supreme.

Try a new look every day of the week with these ponytail ideas

But other than wearing it high on a Monday, low on a Tuesday, and somewhere in the middle for the rest of the week, there’s not a lot you can do to really mix things up, right?

Actually, wrong.

From adding plaits and braids to clever twists, we’ve got your complete guide to revamping your ponytail. Try a new look every day of the week with these brilliant ponytail ideas...

Milk maid braids

Give your ponytail a pretty twist by adding classic milk maid braids.


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Wrap your base

Hide your hair elastic by taking a section of hair from your pony, wrapping it around and pinning underneath.

Criss-cross twists

Leave two sections of hair out of your ponytail - one on either side. Once you've secured your pony, twist these sections and then cross them over each other, pinning in place on either side of your ponytail.

Add some pony braids

Once you've secured your ponytail, add in some small braids to give the lengths added interest.

Finish with accessories

Go retro by finishing your pony with a ribbon tied in a bow, or add in slides, clips or wraps to jazz things up.

Add extra bounce

If your long ponytail gets a little flat, add some extra body by loosely curling the ends with a wand. It'll help thinner hair look thicker too.

Peek-a-boo plait

Though tricky until you've got some practice under your belt, this looks great for school, work and play. Flipping your head over to start the plait is the easiest way to begin.


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