THIS is how to get Adele’s perfect winged eyeliner

Adele's personal makeup artist Michael Ashton reveals all

THIS is how to get Adele’s perfect winged eyeliner

Adele and liquid eyeliner have become so synonymous that the only thing that comes close to outshining her fabulous voice is her signature look. The subject of many a beauty tutorial, you can hardly see the star without simultaneously wondering how does she get her feline flicks so perfect. If you've struggled and failed to replicate Adele's winged eyeliner, your prayers have finally been answered: Adele's personal makeup artist Michael Ashton has teamed up with Lisa Eldridge to show you exactly how he does it....

Ashton knows his stuff. The make-up artist has worked with Adele since 2007 and created the singer's signature look himself. As Eldridge says in the video, 'This really is a lovely example of a performer working with a make-up artist to really work together and collaborate to create a signature look.'

Although the video itself is certainly no five-minute tutorial, it’s jam-packed full of useful information for those seeking to replicate the star's beauty regime.

So just how does he do it? Using a gel eyeliner and eyeliner brush, Ashton creates the famous feline flick by 'applying the eyeliner towards the middle inner corner of the eye, working outwards first, and then gradually building thickness.' As he says in the video, 'I like to bring the liner out just past the natural lash line, and then we’ll wing the liner at the end.' After creating the basic shape, Michael then gently stretches the eyelid before applying liner to the inner corners, completing the line and ensuring a smoother finish. For the final flick, Michael aims for a 45-degree angle from the end of the natural lash line towards the temple. What’s most surprising about the whole process is that Adele’s lower lid liner is actually mascara applied with a fan brush. 

The best thing is that Michael fully acknowledges that this is no mean feat and that mistakes can easily be made along the way – mistakes that you can quickly rectify with some micelle solution and cotton buds. Genius.

Want to try it yourself? Although the video features a slew of expensive products and brush types (over 35 in total), it's easy to adapt the routine to suit your own skin using your favourite make-up. Why not try applying liners such as Kiss Wing It Eyeliner or London Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner with EcoTools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set? Ashton even uses Maybelline Dream Touch blusher. Head to Asda online or in store now to browse the large range of cosmetics available and get started!