Fancy a refresh? The haircuts and colours to try this autumn

From the A-lister chop to the rose gold rinse.

Fancy a refresh? The haircuts and colours to try this autumn

With the change of the seasons, delicious new flavours on the menu and a cosy new winter wardrobe in your closet, autumn can feel like the perfect time for a radical hair refresh too.

Autumn can feel like the perfect time for a radical hair refresh

Perhaps you want to replace your sun-kissed highlights with a warmer, richer hue, chop off those ends that are long overdue a trim, or simply shake things up by trying a completely new cut or colour.

Well, we’re here to tell you that now’s the time to do it!

To help you find your new hair inspiration, we’ve rounded up the very best Autumn/Winter 2016 haircut and colour trends, from the chop that all the A-listers are loving, to the gorgeous shades trending on Instagram and Pinterest.

If you’re in need of a refresh, here’s your guide to the looks you should consider giving a go...

Chocolate Mauve

If you fancy a warm brown hue but are wary of going too dark, give this ‘chocolate mauve’ a try. Blending light browns with subtle lilac tones, the effect is a creamy colour that can be mixed and blended to your liking.


The result and the inspiration! They're swatches from @evohair Fabulouso Pro. I recreated all the tones using Pravana Vivids ☺️

A photo posted by Bushwick Brooklyn Hair Painter (@hannahthepainter) on

Rose Gold

The rosé hair trend took over in a big way this summer, and thanks to celebs including Sienna Miller, Kylie Jenner and Emma Roberts, it’s now trending its way through the autumn too. A mid-way hue landing between red and blonde, the rose gold trend can be tweaked to suit your skin tone—have a chat with your hairdresser first about the tone that’ll best suit you.

Mid-length bobs

If you’ve been toying with the idea of chopping off your long locks, consider the mid-length bob. From Kate Hudson to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a shoulder-skimming cut is the look of the moment—it’s a great way to ease yourself into shorter haircuts, too.

Choppy layers

Victoria Beckham recently swapped her lengths for a shorter ‘do, confirming exactly what we’d suspected; shaggy layers are back, and haircuts are all about volume and texture this season. Rough it all up with a salt spray to really make the most of your layered cut.

Hair contouring

You’ve nailed contouring with makeup, now it’s time to do it with hair. There are a few key techniques here, one being balyage (very subtle hand-placed highlights) and the most recent called eclipting, which sees a mix of dark and light tones being used around your face to enhance your best features. Deeper shades can also be added to the under layers of your hair, to give the illusion of thicker locks. We like the sound of that!

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