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7 Multi-Tasking Baby Beauty Buys That You Should Totally Use Yourself

The baby products that work almost as hard as you do

7 Multi-Tasking Baby Beauty Buys That You Should Totally Use Yourself

Life with a baby can be stressful, not to mention expensive. Pre-baby, you may have the time and energy to put on make-up every day or invest in the latest beauty cream but now you can barely find a spare moment to grab a quick shower in the morning! Plus from the moment they're born, little ones need hundreds of baby products that don't always come cheap and the costs can quickly add up. But just because your life is different now, that doesn't mean that you should forget about your own skin and beauty needs. And the good news is with multi-use baby products, you don't have to!

They may say 'baby' on the bottle but beauty gurus know that many of your little one's toiletries are actually wonderful for adult-use too. The great thing about baby products is that they're made with extra mild ingredients, designed to be soothing and non-irritating. So even mums with sensitive skin can give their baby's creams a try, without worrying that nasty additives and chemicals will aggravate the skin. Another bonus? Baby products are usually much cheaper than adult beauty buys! From the perfect make-up remover to a genius ointment for razor burn, these are the baby beauty products you can – and should – use yourself.

Johnson's Baby Oil

A few drops will lock in moisture and keep your newborn's skin super soft, but did you know that baby oil, £1.75, is also a fantastic make-up remover? Get rid of even the most stubborn eye make-up by squirting some baby oil onto a cotton pad and gently massaging over eyes. For best results, use the plain varieties. Simple!

Pampers baby wipes

They're real life-savers when your little one has had an accident or produced a dynamite diaper but actually baby wipes, £1.00, are super useful for mums too. Use them for quick and easy make-up removal when you're short on time (which is every day!).

Palmer's nappy rash cream

If nappy rash cream, £2.80, can soothe your baby's irritated skin, then what else can it do? Turns out that it's the perfect ointment for those nasty post-shave razor burns, especially in sensitive areas.

Johnson's baby shampoo

Keep your make-up brushes squeaky clean with baby shampoo, £1.25. Dirty make-up brushes can lead to clogged pores and breakouts so make sure you wash yours regularly. To clean, fill a bowl with lukewarm water and a few squirts of shampoo. Next, swirl your brush tip in the water and rinse under running water. Repeat until the water runs clear.

Bennetts nipple cream

Turns out that every breastfeeding mum's favourite product isn't just useful for alleviating sore breasts. Nipple cream, £3.50, can also protect and moisturise cracked and dry lips! You'll only need a few dabs on your lips to soothe them as a little bit of this rich cream goes a long way.

Johnson's Baby Lotion

Chances are you're washing your hands a lot more now with a baby around, so keep you skin smooth and soft with Johnson's baby's lotion, £1.50. With ingredients that are kind to skin and free from nasty additives, this product will keep your hands moisturised throughout the day.

Cotton buds

When it comes to cleaning hard-to-reach areas like your baby's outer ear, neck folds, nostrils or between the toes, cotton buds are the perfect solution. But they're also a genius tool for correcting any make-up mistakes. Did your hand go a little shaky when applying eyeliner? Or did more lipstick make it onto your chin than your mouth? Simply use a cotton bud and voilà – problem solved!