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DIY beauty hacks you can try at home right now now

Your skin, hair and nails will have never looked so good…

DIY beauty hacks you can try at home right now now

Got a little extra time on your hands these days? Us too! So why not experiment with a few DIY beauty hacks?

Simple, quick, fun, AND easy on the purse-strings, our DIY beauty tips will leave you feeling well and truly pampered – from keeping frizzy hair at bay to making that at-home mani-pedi last longer. 

We've even discovered a one-step trick that will leave you with bouncy, voluminous hair from the moment you wake up – and who doesn't want that?

1. Make perfume last longer

Scents can be uplifting, so even if you're going to be indoors all day, don't hold back! If you want to try and make your fragrance last longer, try dabbing Vaseline on your pulse points. 

2. try an avocado face mask

Who knew avocados could be used in part of your beauty regime? Simply mash up half an avo (adding a spoon of natural yoghurt if desired) and slather it onto your face, leaving it for around 15 minutes. Turn the other half into guacamole (see how here) and you'll have a snack while you wait!

3. Accentuate long lashes

You can make your lashes look instantly longer by using baby powder on them. Using a cotton bud, apply baby powder to your eyelashes, then coat with mascara for fuller-looking lashes. Voilà! You'll be ready for that Zoom call…

4. Keep hair frizz-free

Whatever your plans (or lack thereof), no one wants frizzy hair. Consider replacing your cotton pillowcase with a silk version –  silk pillowcases reduce split ends, as well as reducing annoying lines on your face in the morning. Double the benefits with one simple swap – we're sold! 

5. Make your manicure last longer

Never has there been so much time to perfect your manicure! Our tip? Before applying your polish, clean your nails with a cotton bud soaked in a little distilled vinegar. The clean surface will really help your manicure last. Simple!

6. Clean up a messy manicure

And on the subject of manicures – if you’ve made a few mistakes and drawn over the lines, just use a slanted eye shadow brush dipped in some nail polish remover to tidy up. 

7. Create natural lip stains

Rose petals, beetroots or blackberries are notorious for staining clothes, so why not make that stain work on your lips? Try mixing natural ingredients with a sheer lip balm to create a natural colour that will last all day, however many video calls you have. Bonus? You'll fight off chapped lips.

8. Curl from the middle of your hair

Feel like trying out a new hairstyle? Curling from the middle, and not the ends, of your hair, will make your curls last longer. Hold for ten seconds, loosen the grip and then pull downwards for a perfect tumbling curl. Now for that virtual date night…

9. Keep brushes clean

Bacteria build up is never good on your make up brushes or your hairbrush. Make sure to clean your brushes once every two weeks to keep them and your skin beautifully clear. You can use regular shampoo and warm water. Find out how to clean your make-up brushes here. 


Slough off any dead skin with a simple homemade face exfoliator. You can use finely ground oats, mixed with a little yogurt and coconut oil (all ingredients you probably already have in the cupboard or fridge). 

11. Spray hair grips with hairspray

To save yourself constantly readjusting your hair grips throughout the day, spritz them with hair spray or dry shampoo first so they’ll hold better. Easy! 

12. Apply dry shampoo before bed

Tossing and turning in bed will help work the product in, alleviating white patches to leave you waking up with voluminous, grease-free locks.

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